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Silver Linings on the LOng White Cloud by Chris Dodds. Its a short read and really interesting esp for the youngsters and not so young.


I am currently reading a classic vintage Women's Weekly cake book - which has been the inspiration for birthday cakes over at least 3 generations!
My big little boy turns 10 tomorrow...and I'm trying to figure out which cake will have most wow factor, with least room for failure! (as I am by no means a competent baker!)


I've just finished reading Japanese Fairy Tales... a good read downloaded from Kobo.


......this post


I read 100 pages of war and peace before I literally wanted there to be a war so I didn't have to finish. Am reading Ben Elton's Two Brothers which is a bit more serious than this usual stuff and took a bit of getting in to but am enjoying it


Just finished Gone Girl, great book until the ending which I found really annoying!


I've just finished 'Dont go Back' by Lee Child, a good read!


Never Look Back? - yes, hooked on Lee Child after 64 hours (took a bit longer to read the book though.!!)


Armageddon 2419AD...the original Buck Rogers...a little light reading each night on the tablet...


Just finished the best book "The Lock Artist" by Steve Hamilton. This I had to read during the day it was that good. A mystery, crime, relationship, heists, killings, heart breaking all from the main character who is Mute and never says a word. Quite amazing and totally recommended reading.


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