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Herald online- my favourite asparagus is in doubt due to the proliferation of dairy farming- but still a snip @ $2.50 per bunch this week...get them while you can.......slice on an angle and add to stir fries- DO NOT BOIL !!!!!!!!!!!


...not so much reading but watching a video on The Wonders of Electricity and Magnetism at the MIT World web site....really interesting and funny, and what a cool lecturer



Harlequin by Bernard Cornwell


It was recommended by a friend and is a historical novel that is quite interesting.


the skulduggery series


Stoked by Al Brown - definitely a good book for the fishermen & hunters


just in the thick of 'gone with the wind' - interesting from a historical point of view and a moral point of view. before you ask it happened to be sitting on the shelf as my wife did english lit.


More Miles than Money, journeys through American music by New Zealander Garth Cartwright. It is very interesting to read about the U.S.A and American music through the eyes of a Kiwi.


Agent 6 by Tom Rob Smith and The intelligent Investor.

Takes me a while to get through books like Agent 6, have to read it in small doses otherwise it's just too much. The Intelligent Investor was hopefully a smart book to buy - will see when I have read it I guess.


Some serious non-fiction going on up in here... No-one into Fantasy? I've been caught in the addictive world of Raymond E Feist for a few years, finally decided to try a new one so currently reading Geomancer from Australian fanatasy legend Ian Irvine. Picked it up in a second hand shop for a song... really liking it, one of those "have to see what happens next" page turners.


Just finished The Forgotten Highlander by Alistair Urquart & started an old one I picked up... The Great Train Robbery.


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