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What Are You Currently Reading

What are you currently feeding your brain, literary wise? I'm slogging through 'War and Peace' as part of a personal dare to myself... it's slow going, but not unenjoyable. To keep things at an active pace I'm also reading John Grisholm's ' The Broker' which I am realy enjoying. My first one of his books, but not the last methinks. Prior to that I finished Noam Chomsky's 'Hedgemony or Survival', about Americas struggle for global domination over the last 100 years. It's quite leftist (not a bad thing) but it has some interesting facts about some of the stuff that the media glosses over with US foreign policy. A good read. So what are you pouring through?

Just finished the Tyler Hamilton story.
What a bunch of druggies.
Will the Tour de France be the same


Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies Wordy and annoying that they try to use the word 'groundswell' on every page as if they didn't just make it up. and Helen, Portrait of a Primeminister Not really what I was hoping it would be so I'm skim reading it. and Save The Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need Loves this book, have read it several times but someone else has had my cop for ages so I bought another one from bookdepository and it just arrived, so I'm compelled to read it immediately.

Now: The Attention Economy - more research. Why doesn't someone come up with a program that reads books and summarizes the important points based on what you are studying? I'd pay good money for that!

I posted something about audio books not so long ago. I guess I was getting at this kind of requirement; that of a busy person not having the time to read many books. I believe there is a company that makes condensed versions of all the popular titles (maybe only business?) but I can't remember anything more about them.

Try these:


Or this, for Odysseus in a minute!



Edmonds cook book, trying to find a gingerbread man recipe for the kids and 'The Devils Juggler' by Murray Smith.

Ha! You thespian you!


Finished Grisholm. Now I'm onto 'The Petticoat Affair' about the purported sex scandal that rocked Jackson's 1828 presidency, and caused him to fire his entire cabinet over it. Intriuging stuff. He was a badass; he'd killed 2 men in duels before he made it to the white house and had a perchant for horse racing, cock fighting, drinking and fighting. We need more men like this in politics... I should probably broaden it out by also saying he owned slaves and massacred native Americans... maybe not so much of that needed i politics...


Finished 'The Petticoat Affair' and have started 'The Everything Book for First Time Dads' so I'm pepared for my impending new bundle of joy (it's a boy FYI, high Fives all round) due in March. It's not bad for an 'advice' book although it's a little more American orientated. Also reading 'Faith in Nature' about environmentalism parralelling religion. So far nothing flash, but I'm only 5 pages in. What's everyone else pouring through?


Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore. Selling groundbreaking new technology to the masses, taking a startup business from early adopter to mainstream. Despite the yawn inducing description this is actually a fascinating read, full of references to major brands that weren't always so, and others that have long since peaked and died. And.. The Cat in the Hat, for the 300 and somethingth time, for my son...

Read him this one - what he was really meaning...

Haha! Erm.... no.

WHOA!! That's big. Not my fault, honest.

I have El Gato Ensombrerado and it's one of the hardest books to read. Possibly because it's all in past tense which I find difficult anyway. In fact, I find Huevos Verdes con Jamón difficult too, but I do like Eres Tu Mi Mama :)

It wasn't the size, it was the content!

Oh, see it was kind of a joke, because it's not actually a real book, just someone being funny (though clearly not funny to everyone...), Gee, if only there was a sarcasm/I'm joking font. Wouldn't that come in handy sometimes.


D Block Instrument Safeguarding Logic Diagrams- Houston....we have a problem. 53 minutes without Washwater... egads.....


Crisis averted- back to reading a Tuesday Northern Advocate- yeeha.....life is a rollercoaster.


Half way through "Tell Jesus To Bring The Pork Chops" by late comedian George Carlin, which is a series of ramblings and social commentary on modern American living.It's a little weak for my taste. I find him bang on in some of his social commetary and a little elitest in other parts. Some parts are just plain stupid and others are surreal and would probably make more sense if I was high. I think It'll be going on trade-me when i'm finished.

...I love reading books, but have found lately that I have a tendency to jump from one to another....and have also found myself reading more how to books particularly computer oriented e-books....which does my head in because way before would have never thought of doing so....I have my head in about 3 different one's at the moment or teaching me how to do stuff, like web and application programming, yeah I know boring! but I find them rather interesting...


Oh just another bj from BJ who's probably getting a bj while trolling the www for more bj's.

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