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I love the prizes offered on this site none of them are ever boring, always well decent and the sponsors are amazing. Having to think and make a substantial contribution is the biggest thrill for me, after reading last week's winners of course. A bangin' site, well done!


A pat on the back is deserved to JJ who works hard behind the scenes. Cheers.


i've won 1 or 2 prizes a few months ago all good and much needed and appreciated but wining seems to have dried up, must be a lot more competition out there. My luck will change this week I can taste that Jamersons .


Great prizes have never won one as yet .Im sure those who have won have been very happy and I guess you never know youre luck unless you try try try..


Maybe a new car...thats what I need (even a good 2nd hand one!).


i like competitions like fuel for a year or groceries for a year ..but hey anything free is good in my books....to an extent


cinema tickets, dvds, any tech stuff & alcohol is always good too!:)


I like winning tickets, booze!!! and a new phone. Actually anything is cool.


Dear friends you all know that is not easy to leave a relationship of about 5years and forget it and all the feelings that you both have for each other. That was my problem that i was having for the past 1month now i was really feeling sick and wanted to take my life but thanks be to ekakaspelltemple@yahoo.com who help me with a reunite spell for me and my ex husband and now i feel so happy that we are both back again and living happily more than ever before thank you doctor ekaka.


I love the prizes offered on Frank, they are always unique and appeal to a wide range of people, there is something there for everyone,love the movie tixs especially and books, as it is so expensive to buy books and go to movies, so i enjoy seeing those up for grabs,its a great site with many interesting things to read, not just the comps, but yes they are icing on the cake

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