Discussing :: Synthetic cannabanoids vs The Real Deal, what do you think???????????????


Synthetic cannabanoids vs The Real Deal, what do you think???????????????

I've spent the last 3 weeks sampling(some would say the perfect job)synthetic cannabis, and have a few weeks left to go,,,,,for now, just to evaluate the effects/side effects/etc of synthetic cannabis and have to say that I'm rather disturbed by what I've found so far. As a prior smoker of the real thing, the biggest thing I've noticed is the itchy/scratchiness that goes with the use of synth stuff. It wasn't that long ago that I was smoking pot daily, everyday!! and was always a happy, (if not slightly less motivated person than yer average joe,lol), the one thing that has stuck out like dogs testicles is how,,,,scratchy(is the most descriptive word I can find to use) I feel when I'm both under the influence of it and also when I spend 12 hours without it,,,,AND we sell this legally here in good ol' clean green NZ???? WTH? Personally, I've always been(and still am) pro cannabis, but finding myself becoming very anti synthetic sh*t, and truly wonder just what sort of people are we going to be churning out the other end of this crazy want/need to keep the masses happy. I personally would rather see a smoking population of real dope smokers than one of synth screwed agressive people and am posting this to see what others thoughts are on the subject, both pro and con, so, now it's your turn to have your say, so speak up and be heard, peace all and merry xmas to you and yours James Cather


I think both can have harmful effects on people, physically, financially, socially and psychologically. It is a shame to see so many young ones who are taking synthetic cannabanoids who think it is better for them but sadly it is anything but.


both are not gud at all


Don't use either. That synthetic stuff has done some serious harm including the deaths of several. People are just turning a blind eye to it, and continuing to support the sale of it. Drugs are for ferals... just don't do it.


I'm not big on the synthetic stuff myself, It does have some really strange side effects and makes me feel nauseous. I've never had much of a problem with the real stuff even though I stopped smoking years ago so I don't think replacing it with something man made that we don't have clear information on is a smart idea.


Got better things to do than being a stoner


Dont think Synthetic anything is good, especially if your putting it in your body.


Home grown is the only one, they bastardize every thing these days


Am finding it interesting that pretty much every comment is anti it, well and pretty much anti the real thing too, I did think it would be more mixed. I do agree that it seems that a blind eye is pretty much turned on this and do also wonder what forms of testing are done on such things(especially after noticing how scratchy/shitty I felt after having it/coming down from it, I truly am going to look further into what forms of testing are done and will probably be one who will stand and voice my anti views on it.


If you look at most of the illegal and worst drugs, they're all synthetic. So why would we trust synthetic cannabanoids over the real deal? I'm not about to put any drug in my body (purist) but if I had to, I would pick weed anyday.

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