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Healthy, Eating.
posted by Aldenn
45 "Try being a diabetic. Healthy eating is a prerequisite. I love good food. Can not understand why people want to stuff themselves full of that processed take away crap. It makes you feel like shit and is no good for you. A chap I know has recently..."
11th December '13, 11:20am
posted by Life Member »
Jim Beam, favourite moments?
posted by Candy Pants
6 "I would have to say every Jim Beam moment i have had is a good one, albeit sadly I don't remember most of them."
9th December '13, 1:50pm
posted by rjr17 »
posted by JohnGx
14 "With Christmas approaching throw out hints for the crosswords little books one can buy handy to have in your handbag to pull out, lots of free ones available the local press one's always a favourite it keeps the mind active and great when you get..."
9th December '13, 10:21am
posted by New Member »
Nek Minnit Videos
posted by DeeDee
15 "something i found. "
4th December '13, 5:57am
posted by free'n'easy »
More NZ Marine Reserves.
posted by TTT
6 "There are plenty of excellent locations to create reserves, even drop a few wrecks to dive around. To be able to offer great diving opportunities to tourists as well would really enhance the country from a tourism perspective. Yes more..."
2nd December '13, 2:26pm
posted by Millsey »
Funny Pictures
posted by DeviousX
159 "Ha ha lol and I just came on here to view all the hilarious"
1st December '13, 2:58pm
posted by New Member »
Ultimate prizes/giveaways
posted by KH
32 "mmmm alcohol....alcohol...and perhaps some alcohol!! "
28th November '13, 9:17pm
posted by jb2610 »
Wheres the humanity.
posted by nzbear
14 "Yip disgusting!!! No morals and people think its ok to not give a shit! "
28th November '13, 1:46pm
posted by Marley »
posted by Flashgg
16 "This is a great way to support men's health and it's great to see so many movellous creations. Prostrate cancer is so common."
27th November '13, 12:59pm
posted by jade »
Electric vehicles - would you?
posted by shiny
52 "Drove a hybrid for a while. Although it was economical, fuel consumption was never as low as the advertised promises, because the real world is usually different to test drives. Electric cars are a great idea for some but won't replace my 4x4"
27th November '13, 5:24am
posted by Darren »

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