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What do Men Want? What do Women Want?
posted by Micht
1 "Age old questions with no suitable answers at times... So, Men - What do you REALLY want from women? Women - What do you REALLY want from men? Would be interesting to see the answers...... and maybe we can all learn something from the..."
3rd February '14, 9:58am
posted by Micht »
Anchorman 2 Movie "Fav Quotes from Will Farrell Movies"
posted by Lilo
11 "I'm not a big fan of Will Farrell's never been though I did try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I have always loved Paul Rudd and he is awesome as brian fantana and that is the only reason to watch Anchorman movies in my opinion"
9th January '14, 12:19am
posted by DeeDee »
What's the best drink for a Kiwi Christmas?
posted by Seokso
28 "I love Asti Riccardonna is bubbly and sweet and just goes down a treat for Christmas :)"
3rd January '14, 1:55pm
posted by Tanya341 »
F*$& this Vashikaran guy
posted by TommyTyrant
7 "We got stopped in LA with a guy saying his car had broked down and his child was in the back etc etc. I gave him $20 rather than get shot or stabbed but probably shouldn't have. Felt stupid after it all but what can I say - I panicked!"
23rd December '13, 5:52pm
posted by rps »
Synthetic cannabanoids vs The Real Deal, what do you think???????????????
posted by James
15 "Both definitely have harmful affects, however I also believe there are substances that are readily available for use that should be outlawed too and in some instances I reckon are worse than cannabis and the synthetic stuff, yet are allowed to be..."
23rd December '13, 2:25pm
posted by DeeDee »
Christmas Feast - Whats on your menu?
posted by bart
32 "jeez where do i start !"
22nd December '13, 12:20pm
posted by Lee »
Jack Reacher - Tom Cruise
posted by H.
10 "Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, what a joke! Jack Reacher is about 6ft 5in tall and 260lbs, TC is way under 6ft and tiny "
18th December '13, 7:24am
posted by rodney »
SPAM - throughout all the threads
posted by DeeDee
2 "Yes. A LOT. And I emailed Frank about it and get a weird automatic response about how to submit articles or something :/"
14th December '13, 4:29pm
posted by Onaphobia »
Jeam Beams Devil Cuts 90 pack
posted by HILL BILLIES
8 "The Angels Share is lost through evaporation in the aging process. 'Devils Cut', is the whiskey that has been absorbed into the oak, so expect a dark, rich tasting whisky. Perfect for mixing or just neat! Bottoms up!"
13th December '13, 4:57pm
posted by Ricky »
What Are You Currently Reading
posted by Tim
86 "My attention span is too short to read books, I tend to stick to sports related articles, bad jokes and penthouse forums! heehehehehehehhehehehe True Story!"
12th December '13, 10:47pm
posted by Gazza »


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