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Ever talked to a celbe and not known who they were?
posted by dan_wise_man
8 "Plenty of times, Steve Divine was most memorable, Inga the winger - very chilled out dude "
18th December '14, 9:34pm
posted by louise »
If you could be any of the Avengers who would you be and why?
posted by Face
8 "would be good to be any of them, esp the Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, although nothing seems to beat the hulk, so it would be the big man for tony stark said....we have a hulk!!!"
16th December '14, 7:46pm
posted by nuttydread »
Hottest Woman in the World - right now at least
posted by Lee
9 "My wife....mind you haven't seen your travel agent :) "
16th December '14, 5:08am
posted by Darren »
Buying Christmas presents.....
posted by Flashgg
18 "Gist vouchersand wait for Boxing day sales, unless they are kiddies xx"
15th December '14, 6:55pm
posted by Annamarie »
Best Joke, Quote or Riddle
posted by Bells-n-Whistles
1367 "What do you call a snobbish prisoner going down the stairs? A condescending con descending. What do hillbillies drink out of? Hiccups! What do rappers use in their laundry? Bleeee-otch! Where do Volkswagens go when they get old? The Old..."
26th October '14, 6:25pm
posted by Bells-n-Whistles »
Leaked Icloud Photos
posted by dan_wise_man
11 "You have to be very stupid or very vain to take naked pictures of yourself. And be even more stupid to store them online on the internet."
24th October '14, 2:42pm
posted by Peter T »
Pic of the day...
posted by JasonMantis
1041 ". "
6th October '14, 7:54pm
posted by Bells-n-Whistles »
Which would you rather?
posted by Jono
62 "I would go back in time... to correct all the things I have said and done wrong...not had children and or to a better parent...:) x"
21st September '14, 11:52pm
posted by New Member »
Oceanside Animal Hospital
posted by New Member
1 "Welcome To Oceanside Animal Hospital ! You and your pets are treated like royalty when in the care of our veterinarians and staff because we pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations. Our Services We offer a wide range of services to meet..."
20th September '14, 10:59pm
posted by New Member »
FIFA 15.
posted by dan_wise_man
1 "Who is buying this? The game looks like it will be unsurprisingly familiar to the old ones but with enhanced graphics etc. Thoughts?"
18th September '14, 8:49am
posted by dan_wise_man »

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