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Worst celebrity haircut of all time?
posted by Kiwi Gas
22 "Another contender must be David Beckham's new crop."
12th September '15, 2:53pm
posted by Kiwi Gas »
Yahoo, sunny day, Roll on Summer
posted by nzbear
2 "How about now, hope the sun is back to stay. We had some shivery days recently. Winter never quits. "
7th September '15, 11:18am
posted by Lee »
Cold Weather
posted by Shaun
14 "Freezing at the moment but it means I can light the fire - and I really love a good Kent fire! Get comfy in the beanbag right in front with a good book and a hot chocolate. Bliss....."
15th August '15, 4:20pm
posted by jb2610 »
Spring is here! At last!
posted by New Member
2 "I agree the lambs are so cute and I love daffodils. None flowering in my garden yet but they can't be too far away."
14th August '15, 12:54pm
posted by teejay »
posted by dan_wise_man
9 "Used to wash my kids hair with Tea Tree Shampoo, they didn't get nits as much as the other kids in their class as apparently nits don't like tea tree fragrance"
13th July '15, 11:27am
posted by melanie »
Check this out....Anyone else had a weird girl that didnt trust ya?
posted by dan_wise_man
3 "That's crazy.. there's a whole heap of crazies out there, takes some times to know it they are or aren't though which is a pain! And sometimes takes one to know one, but it might be a good sort of crazy :P"
30th March '15, 2:34pm
posted by Kizami »
Is alcohol too popular in NZ today?
posted by Rangatira
100 "There is nothing wrong with drinking. The "it's not the drinking, it's how we're drinking" campaign really hits the nail on the head. I think the six o'clock swill had a really detrimental effect on our drinking culture and we're still living with..."
18th February '15, 4:52pm
posted by Nic »
Forum suggestions
posted by DeviousX
169 "It would also be good if people adhered to the forum topic outline, so many posts are off topic."
16th February '15, 12:00pm
posted by Nos4R2D2 »
Breaking World NEWS
posted by CORTEX
2 "Hopefully all that were on board are recovered so the families can have a formal farewell. "
19th January '15, 4:54pm
posted by Gonzala »
Email newsletter
posted by BoBo
2 "Hi Bobo, We've manually added your email address to our newsletters which will resume on the 19th of January 2015. Please do email us again if you won't still receive the newsies by then. Thank you for your time."
7th January '15, 1:32pm
posted by Getfrank »

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