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Old flag or new

Personally i find it a waste of taxpayers money considering the over all vote amongst people say No...am sure money could be spent on other more pressing issues.......


i have to entirely agree with nzbear, it is a big waste of money, so many issues we should be tackling, like health care, elderly care,poverty etc etc, the list goes on and on, yes i do find the old flag confusing with OZ so for that reason and that alone a new one would be nice, but at the price we are paying for it, NO absolutely not, use the money more wisely i say.


Other more important issues need doing first. Otherwise pay back sovereign debt before 'nice to have' items like flag change referendums. So I'm with nzbear on this one.


The money can go on so much better and more important things than the change of the flag!


It is one big waste of money! Why change the flag in a year that means so much to our war veterans? I think that it has just been a big cover for other issues that Key is facing like the housing crisis and what he knew about an accused pedophile running for MP. He picked the one issue that would divide the country and take the focus off the questions he was being asked.As a bonus it took the focus off the dodgey dealings he has going on with Obama that the public "does not need to know the details" of.


Eryone knows our old flag! Why fix something that isn't broken? I like the old one, and would be guttered if it got changed :(


I'd like a new flag but I'm really annoyed at this over priced, one eyed process to get John Key his own way.


I'm Happy with the old one thankyou


Please KEEP the original flag flying and get RID of Don Key. We are NOT benefiting from both of them. A lovely country we live in, so why DESTROY it??? :(

I agree totally with this. The flag is fine. John Key is not. Replace him, keep the flag.

You would destroy the country if you re-instate a bloody left wing socialist government. We are not big enough to pay for all the freeloaders out there who keep complaining but dont want to put up.


For me...its a stupid waste of money to change the flag when there are way more important issues New Zealand should be looking at...oh well rich New Zealand have spoken and a flag is more important than Poor Housing (Where the money could be spent) or child poverty...etc...but "Don-key" and rich New Zealand know what's important " YAY A FLAG"


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