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I work in a children's residential facility and deal with nits on a day to day basis. But oh man this shocked me! http://uniladmag.com/articles/this-girl-has-the-worst-case-of-nits-ever/


YUK...been there and done that...such gross little pests and they are hard to clean up at the best of times! :(


Heard that hair dye was cheaper and more effective than usual treatment. A hair straightener is supposed to work pretty well too.


There is a lot to be said for short clean hair - we lived in PNG (nit ravaged) for 4 years and one child had one nit once despite multiple head on head contacts all the time. I made sure they both washed their hair every 2 days even in drought and kept it in a short cut all the time.


It seems like the little critters are becoming immune to the treatments that are available nowadays. I remember getting nits Once as a kid, and after a dose on the old solutions.......never saw them again!! (I do think that this may have been the old kerosine/shampoo mix) I have heard of some natural remedies, and one intrigued me....Wash hair, treat hair with spearmint mouthwash (apparently they hate mint) and wrap head in a plastic bag or glad wrap, leave in hair for about 10 mins, then flush hair. Hope this one helps!!!


I used Tea Tree Oil Shampoo on my Kids, the nits don't like it ,


I have caught these off my daughters in the past and they are a real pain, or should I say itch? It is so much better to treat them with natural remedies that to apply the toxic products from the pharmacy...:) x


I have a full set of dreads, and when the kids started coming home with the critters, was worried that I may end up with them, touch wood...I haven't! We did do some research, and the tea tree shampoo is a good natural solution, we also found using any type of mint listerine mouthwash was also a very good natural solution. Wash hair, use listerine on head like a shampoo (as to be a mint flavored one as the lice HATE mint), wrap hair in a towel or plastic bag, leave in for five to ten minutes, then rinse hair as per normal, repeat this every 2nd night for a week (this is to make sure any eggs that have hatched over the couple days, also gets sorted) the listerine solution also helps to loosen the glue that holds the eggs. Hope this helps!!!


Used to wash my kids hair with Tea Tree Shampoo, they didn't get nits as much as the other kids in their class as apparently nits don't like tea tree fragrance


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