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New Years resolutions

Has anyone got a previous New Years resolution and actually stuck with it


I make the same ones every year and never stick with them :)


Nope I have even given up trying to make resolutions in the first place as I know I will never stick to them.


Last year my resolution was to give up smoking and i achieved it in feb last year. So this year is a simple one to look after myself better and eat properly/more healthier :)


Mine is always to get fitter,but no I have not achieved it,still working at it,one year I might just make it ,who knows.


Early 2013 i faced with the grief of having my father pass away. My mother passed away in mid 2011. I got really fat, and depressed. I then started my new years resolution of 2013 half way through the year, went to australia to stay with my cousins. Now today, i have gone from 125kg's down to 95kg, i have a really well paying full time job, and im going to sign back up to play turf hockey which i have played for 9 years and coached for 2 years.

New years resolution this year is to go visit a friend in japan at the end of the year. When life throws you shit, and more dirtier toxic shit, whats the point wasting away doing nothing, you only have one life, make the most of it, explore the earth, you live on it, so why not. Enjoy life. Also really keen on those 300 tickets :P



New Years resolutions are not for me as I find them difficult to stick to. Anyway, half the year is already gone and I believe you should just make the most of what life has to offer.


I do and i've just started to work on it. 2014 is my year and i'm gonna make it happen!


Well still getting over 2014 and I have to wait till another one rolls over...probably same old,same old...:)


To watch more movies and family bonding. New year comes too fast and goes with the kids growing. Family bonding at the movies is fun.

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