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As Kiwis we have a great tendency to find anything to have a good laugh at and the catch phrase Nek Minnit definitely seems to be booming all over You Tube with these Nek Minnit videos....some are totally hilarious and take the piss out of a number of movies, which is typically NZ banter...this Nek Minnit thing is even catching on in Australia with Aussies now uploading vids...typical really but I couldn't help but have a little laugh at this one...when I was sent the link...some may tend some videos to be in bad taste...but I find them good for a chuckle


Poor Helen Clark


Luv the Nek Minnit guy...I now realise why some of the younger guys @ work have been spouting out "nek minnit" in their general conversations...it sounds funny even without video.


My 6 year old son is now saying this at least a dozen times a day. Has anyone seen the Nek Minnit Tui billboard poster? I saw it somewhere online last week but can't find it again. If you have it, share it please?


Yeah it is totally weird...the original Nek Minnit guys is called Levi Hawken and he just said something in a 9 sec video and it's gone viral with heaps of parodies of it....lol...I even heard a guy on the news say it...he said something like the Wallabies thought they were going to win Nek Minnit...lol...gotta love a good laugh though here is the original video


And here's the original Nek Minnit vid, for those that have no bloody idea what we're on about....

Jason goes to post the original video NEK MINNIT.....


Am I the only one who doesn't appreciate this particular brand of 'humour'?


I'd have to say I find it hilarious but that's just me....I just can't believe how many parodies their are out there.....


this is not a video but I think its cool non the less


Oh FINE, I'll play.


Can't believe Nek Minnit went viral two years ago!


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