Discussing :: Looks like another long hot summer.


Don't count your chickens, but it's looking good - even here in Wellington - where it's been a spectacular week more like mid February than November.


I have the pool cleaned and barbie is all set to go. So roll on hot summer weather.


Feels like the middle of summer now, hate to think what it's gonna be like in Jan/Feb. Pulling the paddling pools out but all three I have found for my daughter go down after a couple of hours, Santa, we need a new pool for Summer (-: Need to pull the fans out.


It is extremely hot for this time of year. The paddock already have cracks in them. The sun is lovely but the water situation is a little bit of a worry. Hopefully we get a bit more rain to top our tanks up before Christmas.


Im loving this heat... reminds me of South Africa.... Always warm and friendly and definitely a place i will miss.... Enjoying the fact that im getting the same heat here in NZ.. feels like home.. :)


Does it seem like there is only summer and winter now? It seems to jump real quick from cold to hot, no mild springs and autumn in between


Got sunburnt again yesterday. I don't seem to learn from past mistakes. Was a real scorcher in the weekend and not even summer officially.


Never complain about long, hot summers - I have lived in an area where summer was a rarity some years and now I very much appreciate being able to live outdoors and build up the resources to face the winter when it comes.


always reminds me why we traveled half way around the world to live!


I don't know where the Summer even went. Had a few really hot days, then Bam. It's been pretty cold this last week. Haven't barbecued nearly enough. At least I resisted the urge to get a short haircut on those hot days.

It went way too fast, it feels like it's winter already this week. I said that this summer I'd hit the beach heaps but that hasn't happened once. I didn't resist the urge to get a short haircut though.


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