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Leaked Icloud Photos

Sooooo what does everybody make of the leaked pics of the likes of Grande, Lawrence and Upton? over rated yay or nay? which one was your favourite?


Overated if you have never seen a naked body before. It is kind of stupid to take naked selfies of oneself and store them on your phone or internet.


I know. Just don't take naked photos of yourself! You start to think that all these 'leaked' photos and sextapes are being done deliberately for publicity (like Paris - makes you rather than breaks you)!


A violation of privacy.


Definitely an invasion of their privacy. I hope they catch the hackers.


If people are STUPID enough to store their private images/details in a cloud then they deserve all that comes their way. I mean seriously, do you really believe them when they say your stuff is safe. HELLO, hasnt anyone ever heard of hackers or corupt systems or viruses. Go figure.


I haven't seen these pictures. I haven't looked for these pictures. I've got more important mundane matters to sort out. It's not as if I'm likely to bump into these people walking down the street, am I???


Its not stupidity its naivety, unfortunately there are people out there who do want to come after these people and make money off of them. They're constantly in the public eye but this is to far. I feel sorry for them.


What's that saying - any publicity is good publicity, I reckon most of these "leaks" are spun by the press agents, why else do so many celebs put dodgy photos online?


Some of the leaks at times are definitely a bit suspicious and do seem to be intentional. "The Fappening" on the other hand seems to be a legitimate hack.

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