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no- no email today ???...and no contact with/from LG- anyone else still waiting ???

...yep me too...but I need to learn to be more patient...lol

yeah im the same on both counts tho got a chelsey email.


patiently ??


...oh good. If I've been forgotten it's comforting to know I'm not alone........

....WingerGee that image of you with minion is etched in my mind for an eternity...though I do try to rid my mind of it....so you won't be forgotten....hahahaha not in the least


Everyone else waiting emails that's good, thought l was the only one. Changed mine & thought something was wrong.


Well, Clyde, this was worth waiting for... Goldair Eon BBQ BadJoker Copy of Transformers DVD UglyFeet, Jocko & Monteil DB Export 33 sedd900 & Chad(elbows) ABSOLUT MODE EDITION gift pack Kiwi Gas Boundary Road Brewery Prize Pack Brad, Poly, Battler, Chris(mcodnz), Darren, barnes10, KH & Prettyboy Copy of Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception TTT, Jabes, +marked+ Tickets to Fighting Fear WingerGee, DeeDee, BirdMan, FionaMantis, Dirtydutchman, lr, simone, rps, Tim, Dave, Michael, Dazzzza, Peter T, T, Saba, Fisher, DGCee, Muzza99, shadowshaded & JasonMantis

Dear GetFrank, can you pass my tix on to K.H. please - Taaaa... (ps. I was briefly FionaMantis...)

Well Fiona it sure was, congrats to all winners.

Yahoooooooooo, l see l am the winner of the Goldair Eon BBQ - wow blown away. Thank you very much people of Getfrank & of course Goldair. l will need to go out and buy those Adult Accessories l mentioned. Can't wait.

...ditto for me to GetFrank can you flick my tickets to Anna...thanking you...thanking you heaps....I'd better send an email just in case.....

...congratulations to all the winners....in particular Clyde....aka BadJoker....who knew telling bad jokes would be a winner....lol...some of them are good but others are really twisted!...anyway congrats all and enjoy your prizes and see you all in the forums for some healthy yet slightly crazy but often amusing banter in the future!..... :-)

Yes l never thought being BAD would be so rewarding, ha.

Awwww. Only just spotted this Fiona.

I feel so undeserving...and so not forgotten...and that means a lot.



Just got this presume others may not have seen it and considering the interest! Hi all, Just touching base re LG comp; I have been in touch with LG who apologise for the delay, but advise that prizes will be sent out next week.

......you didn't happen to hear anything from Heineken as well did you....lmao!!!....

Wow, still no beer! remind GetFrank. It really seems to have slipped through the cracks. I won that too, and it was meant to be going to Anna. She'll be wondering where it is. Maybe they can send it with the tickets from you...

....yes am currently writing up an email now....to ask them to look into it and give my GF prize to Anna...and check with Chelsey about the other one.....


Many Thanks Get Frank... gonna pass those tickets onto my brother, who will be super stoked.


Yea im going to go watch that film seems like it will be a good flick, hopefully its not sad or else ill have to turn my head when my eyes get juicy..


Anyone have any idea, when or how long is normal for the prizes to take to be delivered...? Not that i'm in a hurry or a really impatient person, it's just my mail box is on an odd angle from the house and my neck is becoming a little strained holding this position...lol

.....hahahaha.....don't worry my neck is in that position too......it's nothing to do with GF they send the details of to the third parties and it is them that are keeping you in that position.....I'd drop the guys at GF an email inquiring about it and tell them your neck is hurting.....lol


Competition Winners 22 November 2011 Congrats to you all remember to email GF at mail@getfrank.co.nz within a week (refer to newsletter for further info) Bread & Butter 5-piece custom kits bryn, Jabes & Shaun Johnnie Walker Limited Edition Aliesk & bart Mac's prize pack Gareth, Dude26, Ebbz, mike & Shaun Pack of Jim Beam & Cola 8% Johnny B(that_guy_no2), ben(ben_morrisb), Mootation, dory(berna-iz), Darren & New Member(dgreeks) Forza Sport 4 Alan, sakuraba & 11010110

...congrats Jabes! yours is the only name I recognise....here's hoping we see the others in the forums in the near future....


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