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oh yes...finally...thank you for spam....where would we be without it ??? ...especially Muzza99.

Well done WingerGee you scored a smart phone & threaded a Fine Line.

Is that Bruce from Finding Nemo?

That's him smile & all


Anyone heard from LG yet?

...no I haven't heard from LG or received a confirmation email from Frank did you get one Jason? and still waiting to here from Heineken for a weekly giveaway from a while ago....I think that one has slipped into the abyss...

i got a message from frank after i emailed them on the 2 November.

You will receive another email shortly confirming logistics etc


Nothing yet, although I did get my 6 pack of Pom pomegranate juice last week, after what seems to have been an age.

DeeDee - I don't think Anna got the Heinekin yet, either.

...o ok thanks Fiona....maybe I am expecting quick deliver...lol...I was actually hoping I would get it before the RWC final....lol...maybe I should think long term more...

Oh, I'm sure you'll get it before the RWC - in 2015...

...LOL......could be...


I got an email from Getfrank earlier today, confirming that the winners names are with LG, so we should be hearing soon!


i didnt must have only sent it to the cool kids! i got my printer pretty fast tho i must say

Pffft! Can't be just the cool kids, I didn't get one... :)

Sorry, i should have clarified it was in response to my enquiry...

i see


Latest Competition winners: 24 Hours of Movies Music Man Laphroaig Single Islay Malt Scotch Whisky 10 Year Old Jonathan(taniwhablue) & Steff S HELL Pizza and the NZ Fire Service twisterjamz, Clyde(clyde.rowlands), rosey(stitchez54), shadowshaded, Ebbz, Chris(cj_duthie), Dirtydutchman & Peter T Congrats everyone :)

o lol i just seen my name there didnt even know i won anythng ....cool as

...belated congrats shadowshaded hope you got your email in early cause apparently after a week it gets re-drawn.....

no i havent even seen an email for it

i dont seem to get the getfrank newsletters and i cant find where i can nodify it so i can.

...no when you are a competition winner you need to email mail@getfrank.co.nz within a week just letting them know you were a weekly draw winner and provide your postal address (I am still not sure why since it is in our profiles) and it has to be done within a week else they re-draw it....I did get a confirmation email for my first weekly draw but didn't for another....so for you if haven't sent in an email you may have lucked out, but try anyway and if you are not getting the newsletter I suggest you contact them and let them know if you know you have subscribed to it.....ask them to send you a confirmation email....they may do so....good luck

ok cheers thanks for that deedee

...Yeah give it a go....am sure GF will sort it out for you....

yea cheers sent them a email.


Damn, thought that Laphroaig had my name on it. Congrats everyone, especially taniwhablue and Steff S!


hmmm so clyde full name just there on the internet for all to see aye

Apparently so! A winner this week, great stuff. I shall eat well.

Hmmm... didn't think about that when I cut and pasted from the email. Although, pretty much everyone who is on here gets the email... but sorry anyway, will edit next time :)

...congrats Clyde and all the other comp winners......especially Jonathan & Steff S....hehehe that Whiskey will be devine....

No worries have new email for next time


maybe we should all take turns ringing him tonight haha

Done!! Actually, i'm not feeling so bad about it now because you posted his full name on the very first post in this thread :P

yeah google him good i say im sure i could find a program to computer ring him and give a message in a ghostly voice

...offer him some of those ghostly chips just after he's logged off at 3am...


who were the winners this week? I'm still not receiving my newsletter. I'll have to email them again.

I didn't get one either. Maybe it hasn't been sent yet.

Bit different getting just the one newsletter this week. Oh well...stretch out the anticipation a bit further!

....that's good I don't mean you guys not getting the newsletter...it's just that I didn't get it last week or this week was starting to think it was just me....and I did email GF to tell them I didn't get the newsletter last week but no response so you can see why I would think that...hahahha


ok, no problem.


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