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And congratulations to all the girls over on Chelsey too. Anna, it's probably the only time you'll appreciate being called a juggernaut (nice one WG you silver tongued devil you!). You deserve it, and happy birthday for tomorrow! KH, hope you enjoy your prize, don't forget to post some pics!

Thanks Jason - congrats to you too!! =)

Cheers for that! I was initially a bit disappointed that the time and effort I put in didn't get me anywhere in the main competition as I was not that far behind you in terms of volume, like I said over on Chelsey, not up to me to decide on the quality, but hey, I tried!

Was a bit hard seeing a big list of all of the others (who had been posting very regularly since the beginning) rewarded but miss out altogether myself. It was very nice to be recognised in some way but it wasn't what I was expecting!

VERY glad and happy I have something heading my way so don't mean to sound ungrateful, mistakes happen and my effort was not in fact unnoticed.

HUGE congrats on your awesome win. You totally deserve it. ENJOY!


wow guys good stuff congrats to all of ya and enjoy those great prizes and look forward to future competitions to come.


Well it's certainly congrats to the two top competitors- Jason the Juggernaut and Anna the Juggernautress (mmmm juggernautress- must add that one to the dinothesaurus)....setting the standards for participation and immersion in the Chelsey/GetFrank environments......"For We Can But Aspire To Greatness, For Others It Is Meant To Be".

but we couldn't have done it without you all... otherwise we would have been crazy people talking to ourselves!!


congrats to all the winners I tried but just couldn't bring home the bacon. Ok off to see what else there is to win.

What there was a competition to win bacon :O how did we miss this!

Well there you have it Frank. Bacon. the next big prize. I'm already salivating.

There was bacon???? Oh bacon, but for thee I could totes be a vegetarian.

...did I hear right bacon was up for grabs?....


mmmm bacon ahhhhh. look at all this bacon merchandise on here http://www.mightyape.co.nz/search/?i=All&prev=&s=bacon&SearchButton=Search . could be the next competition alright.

sweet jesus, i would kill a vegetarian for some of that delicious candy goodness...


...but is it environmentally friendly.....no animals (except pigs) killed in the making of this product..... and is it good for you ?? Maybe it can go in the "whats good for breakfast" forum ?? Is it endorsed by the Dental Federation and Alison Craig ?? Maybe you can tell- I love my licorice allsorts but I have severe reservations about...ewwww...Bacon Candy.


I still don't have my first Frank newsletter. I won a Gears Of War game. How do I email Get Frank?

mail@getfrank.co.nz, and congrats!

are the emails going to your spam? maybe sign up on the site again their must be a link to contact them

Yeah I haven't received my Frank newsletter either and I checked my spam folder....it was my Chelsey email I read to find out what was going on.....I hope Frank hasn't forgotten me....

email them just to be sure!

Yes I better remember to email them cause I haven't yet.....lol...

I forgot to mention nice Avatar....lol...you are the mantis!


I would like to think for the LG comp the prize was not dependant on emailing back because GF may not confirm receipt- I will have to re-email just to ask for confirmation- cyberspace can be vast- or so I have heard.

Yeah, I haven't gotten confirmation either. But I figure by now they must know who I am. I mean, doesn't everyone??

...Yeah I haven't got a confirmation email either....and I sent my deets in on Wednesday.....I did get a confirmation email for the weekly draw for the Heineken package....though I haven't received that yet....but was wondering to myself if I should send an email just to confirm they got my first one lol......


....and the "Mantis" thing- Jeremy Coney would be so proud.......or are one of you ....???????


I checked my spam folder. Thanks for the email I'll send them a message.

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