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I take that as a compliment...in another life we may have been........CTRL ALT DEL


God forbid!! Complement it was though, I think, and you're welcome. You are now unofficially the Obelix of the forum... fell into a vat of magic potion as a child, and now Getafix the druid refuses to give you any. A wise choice I might add.


when the paranormal disposition became the angular fixation of the oblique the dexamical parabola wayned to the antithesis allowing intransical distroenical formulae to persist in a world that cannot exist without you or me or us.


Definitely something stuck in your St Elmo's pipe trench. WOF time methinks...


Hey people, how about a report back on what the Honda Insight was like for the long weekend? I can't remember which of you won them, and too lazy to find you, but you know who you are. Let us know how you got on!


Latest competition winners! Copy of X-Men: First Class on Blu-Ray matt lark, Michael(zenjahdude) & Lara(lara_123_4) Ultimate Couples Lelo Prize Pack Mickey(michael) Gears of War 3 1st: Prettyboy 2nd: Phoenix 3rd: Muzza99 Dick Frizzell "The Painter" Walter Aoake & Monteil Over $10,000 of LG Electronics to Giveaway Z90>> 1st >> 47” Cinema 3D Smart TV LW6500 $2,999 ANNA 2nd >> 42” Smart TV LV5500 $1,999 JASON 3rd >> 3D Blu-Ray Home Theatre System HB906TAW $1,299 FIONA 4th >> Optimus Black Smart Phone $749 JABES 5th >> Optimus Black Smart Phone $749 DEEDEE 6th >> Optimus Black Smart Phone $749 WINGERGEE 7th >> 3D Blu-Ray Player BD6600 $499 WICE 8th >> 3D Blu-Ray Player BD6600 $499 ROSIE 9th >> LG Smart TV Upgrader ST600 $349 +MARKED+ 10th >> LG Smart TV Upgrader ST600 $349 CINTY CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Congrats Jason, Fiona, Deedee, Wingergee and Jabes!!!!

thanks barnes10.....

Congratulations to all the winners, well done. Staggering number of posts, wow.

ANNA take a bow good on you girl.
JASON l thought you had it in the bag, never mind just remember size doesn't matter to a bloke.
But to a woman it does. There is small, medium and Oh-la-la.


Wow! Thanks Get Frank!


One of the greatest online competitions ever- maybe even THE greatest- EPIC- thanx to LG and GetFrank. Still trying to come down after a frenetic Sunday night and last post @ mdinight....Last Post- haha- then the excruciating wait.


That was a marathon and a half! Congratulations to you all, it's been one hell of a ride!


Some well deserved winners in that bunch. Congratulations guys. Very happy to see Jabes, Jason, Fiona, Deedee and Wingergee in that list. You guys have put out some quality posts in the last few months.

Cheers Tim!

thanks Tim.....


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