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Bloody hell what was I doing awake then??


...now that I have started reading the GF and Chelsey newsletters I have noticed that I don't get all the info anymore just links and when I click on the links it just brings me back here...is anyone else getting this or is it just poor mwa?....

Some of the emails are just ads. Are you not getting the one that starts with Joke of the Week? Todays was called:

Eloquence is the art of saying as little as possible but making it sound as much as possible. - Evan Esar

Short and snappy I know, but thats what it was...

...cool checked my email again and the newsletters and not the links previously have arrived....I am now content....lol


what they had a competition to win a surfboard, often those boards are a little suspicious ie - made in china speciallyl if they are printed up

There's a surf board competition!??? Now THAT I'd be keen on!

ah was from 2008 i

...oh is it my bad....I went pack a few pages because I hadn't been on for a couple of days you no with the RWC and all...so wanted to catch up on everything so must of went back tooooooo far.....oops...

@Jabes Oh! Haha, might be a little late for that one then!


I think it is about time that some contributors stopped plagiarising the internet with incessant copies of pictures and jokes- surely as humans we can say something banal.

I resemble that remark!

However, I defend myself by spouting as much banal claptrap as the next man. To be honest though WG, if we all posted a few more jokes and vids in the everything else section (just as GF wants us to), it might even attract some more life to the forums, something I think we can all agree is desperately needed.
One could say that it's time to move on from the rugby...

yeah i was going to start a topic about that! there seems to be a couple of tactics people use in the comps -

1. suck up to GF about how awesome it is.
2. Mention how desperate they are for this item and how it would make their life complete
3. Post a joke or video .
4. make several posts over the period of competition.
5. woe is me tale.
and a special mention
6. say they have contributed then ask how they know they are in the competition! haha

hmm there are prob more but those are the main ones

oh and there was that one guy who posted photos of him performing immoral acts with his mouth on a stuffed toy haha

....YES RIP Minnion....your suffering is no more

Haha, yes, I thought the one begging for the XBox 360 was especially poignant!


We are but human...unless we are but Minion. RIP (as I hope Clyde's codpiece will be).


Yes we did not win this week but are we not weekly ????


Weakly ???


Clydes codpiece? I must have missed that one, thankfully...

It was an animated gif (I think it's called...) and you didn't 'miss' anything, really...

are you saying clyde is less than impressive in the codpiece ? :O

God, I've only just spotted it. Now there's man-eyes for you....


Maybe Clyde- it is indeed time to come out of the closet- sorry codpiece and show us what indeed you are truly made of- and please- no plagiarised jokes or pics- we want to see the real Clyde- or his alter-ego (again).

Speak for yourself!!!

might i stand with jason here and let it be known i have no desire to see whats in clydes cod piece

eww please no....I like my vision thank you...I don't want to see no one's cod whatever!


Maybe I am (Clyde) or maybe mine is bigger than his...maybe Jasons is bigger than mine...maybe Clyde is Jason....maybe DeeDee and Fiona want ........?......Jabes

What are you taking? And what do I tell my MD is ailing me so he'll prescribe me some?

I asked this question some time ago, to no avail. I think he may have been born this way.

I thinks it's time for you to take your meds WG, cause I don't want what your prescribing....lol

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