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Am I only now realising that relationships are exactly like competitions ? If you're not in you don't win. More entries the better. Hard work. Ah- bucket.


Another thing to add to the list eh?


In addition, if you're not in you don't lose either. You don't lose time, energy, emotion, and you don't get the crap pain at the end of it (ever the pessimist...), but then being single isn't a bed of roses either. A bed of roses? Actually, that sounds painful.


So- our bucket list is actually a list of things we don't intend to try, accomplish or participate in- or never have and never will do. RIP Minion- you're on my Bucket List now.....even though I did try to love you...in my own way.

Who mentioned bucket list??? Oh.... sorry matey, my bucket list has things that I DO want to try/accomplish/participate in. I think it's time you removed that minion from your face. It may appear that your sniffing his arse, but I'm starting to think he's actually sucking your brains out!


This weeks winners: Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo from 2Degrees Jason(aclassicmerc) L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Charcoal Black Foam Cleanser thornberry, barnes10, DeeDee, Kris(kjohnston) & Fiona(fionakiwi) Pair of VIP tickets to Taste of New Zealand Clyde(clyde.rowlands) WOOOHOOOOO!

Yay you!!


Congratulations to all the latest winners. The Xperia phone for Jason...woohooo !! Looks like a veritable who's who on GetFrank. Better luck next time to the rest of us. Good to see Fiona & DeeDee were not left out...Can't help wondering where the Foam Cleanser might come in handy and I wonder what Clyde (clyde.rowlands) is going to taste ?? Maybe a sip from the Sherry cup ?? Always wait in anticipation of the email nowadays...a weekly highlight even if not called for higher honours. Don't need to remind people to click on the link to reply otherwise us mere mortals may have second dibs.

cool something else me likey me likey a lot....am sure my hunk of burning love will make use of it, so you don't have to wonder anymore WG...lol....congrats to the winners....I'll wrestle you in jelly for that phone Jason hahahahaha....lol...just kidding...but am I?


yeah look at you guys go thats 3rd in a row for you isnt it fiona?

Um... 3 in total I think. Not in a row? And I've passed two on to other forum members who would appreciate them more, since I'm not a guy... :)


3 in a row- isn't that like multiple winnergasms......


Double passes to see Paranormal Activity 3 Alex(evolution_nz), New Member(triplet_tavai), Prettyboy, Likamicaphone & Andrew(over_the_hill_nz) Dear people I don't know or remember, Please come back and post in the forum again. Cheers, Fiona.

Agreed. Was it something we said??

....Yeah have you see a large jump in numbers I also notice one guy has a couple of GF accounts and another uses different handles tiff tiff me thinks.....and that surf mal board comp....I've never seen so many people....I haven't been on here for a couple of days nek minnit BOOM its a hive of activity.....

I think the jump in numbers may have had a lot to do with the competitions for gaming stuff. It must have been shared in a gaming forum or a competition web site or something like that. Unfortunately not many people seem to have come to the forums, or stayed.


No- it was the randomness of the universe- God has no say in who wins a GetFrank comp and long may it be so- actually it was something you said- remember 14/10/11 @ 03:48 ??? maybe it was in your sleep but GetFrank has an all-seeing eye.


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