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Looks like lots of things go down well @ your place............4 cheers to GetFrank


Latest winners: McDonald's Kiwiburger Voucher EarlyRiser, Prettyboy, Hayds26, TTT, rachaelsfun & anastacio(aayon_99) Resistance 3 sedd900, Battler & Kiwi Gas Blue September/POM Anthony(antron81), rockbuddy, Marscus(Marc), Peter T & Jason(aclassicmerc)

Ah, beat me to it!


always intrigues me some of the names i swear ive never seen a post by them but there they are!

I know! Still, cheers Frank, I'm looking forward to my Pomegranate juice!

I just made the same point on Chelsey.

Heya Jabes,

Rather than typing it all out, same deal as our reply on Chelsey >> http://www.chelsey.co.nz/forums/TheLounge/competition-winners

Misunderstanding with our 'winner selector' that commenting on the competition page got you in the draw, not the case - well from here in anyway.



Well done GetFrank- somewhere else is a good alternative to finding the winners- sometines your email can get errantly deleted or you may be on holiday and forget to check- anyway congratz to the latest winners.

See WingerGee scored a copy of THOR, well done. Did PAUL on bluray turn up in the end?

Cutting back on funnies & forums, probably upset people.


Congrats to our latest winners!!!! Honda Weekend Insight for the Long Weekend Chad(elbows) & JohnGx Heineken mike(moreilly_nz), DeeDee, Peter T, Fiona(fionakiwi) & TTT

I don't mean to be a nim...lol it's my first win after all...but how do I go about getting my Heineken.....I am lucky to have really seen this post else I wouldn't have known....do we get nice little emails sent to our accounts to say we have won or do we have to check here?.....what to do.....

DeeDee, it says this in the email: Get in contact with Frank to organise logistics, if we don't hear from you within the week it's all fair game for a re-draw. THeir address is: mail@getfrank.co.nz

Thanks Fiona I was wondering if I get sent an email or something but realise its all in our hands...and I also was just over in Chelsey and saw that I won there too but have just saw your response and see I have to be in contact before a weeks up....o well miss out there will know for next time....this is all so exciting winning two things....from venting in forums...who would have knew....lol...so are we suppose to check the latest competition threads regularly....don't they contact us by email?

It's in the weekly mailer. That's where I posted it from, but no, they don't contact you directly. That's why we started these threads. Or, Jabes did if I remember correctly. They might not have redrawn the prize from Chelsey yet so worth asking.


....did I win something for real?....lol there's a first time for everything....congrats all


Woohoo! Well Done DeeDee!

Thanks Jason....lol....I feel all warm and fuzzy inside....

Drink 'em all at once then you'll REALLY be feeling warm and fuzzy inside :)

I thought you didn't like beer!!!

I don't like beer but I have a wonderful man who does (and he can feel all warm and fuzzy..lol)...but I will definitely have one because that's the first thing I have won before...besides the one in Chelsey which I did end up sending my details in about thanks Fiona...worth a try....I'd better start reading the weekly mailer when I get it, because I read the first bits and nothing more....I didn't think to look at competition winners part...now I know thanks guys much appreciated....

I don't like beer either. That's why I asked them to pass the Heinekin on to someone else :) I've tried to like it, really I have, but after the first mouthful it just tastes like poison to me. I can do apple cider, does that count? It hardly seems alcoholic though, even though it's 5%. I can drink a lot of it before I notice any effects. So I don't. Too many cals :)

Having spent much of my youth around Bristol (just north of the spiritual home of cider, Taunton) I love the still too. Almost more than beer, which always tastes a little chemical to me. I forget the stuff I bought recently but it was gooooood. Frank? Cider competition please!!


Having been born in Bristol (just north of the spiritual home of cider, Taunton) I... okay, I got nothing... But I do got Isaac's Pear Cider, which is not bad. It's made by MACs, and I feel, on this of all days, I should be drinking MAC's Apple cider, but this will have to do. I was really hoping Steve would pull through. It was terribly sad when Princess Diana died, a tragedy when Michael Jackson died, but this tops them both. He really did change the world. sigh.

Blimey... separated at birth...

You know, Jase, I've always (inexplicably) been attracted to guys who's names begin with 'J', and when I was a kid and I played space invader games at the chip shop I (inexplicably) used the name ACE on the leader board when I won...

...the plot thickens...


Thor Blu-ray collin(hawkblade1966), PACMAN316 & WingerGee Copy of Masport – 100 Years in the Making jazper, GeeCai(danruicai), New Member(tagflash), Duncan Erasmus

Phew, that was close, almost had to answer Fionas post! Congratulations to this weeks winners!!!

here here.....and now I can remember to read all of the newsletter....lol


It's not like I didn't notice that you ignored my post... And I wasn't really inferring anything by your name also beginning with J... I just didn't list the actual names because, well, this is a public forum. Oh, fine... James (x2), Joseph and Jay (which I think stands for Joseph), Jonah, Jaime, Julian (x2)... are we getting the picture?? It's odd. I can't explain it. But it's not ALL guys whose names start with J... seriously!

What's that Tui ad? Ok, just winding you up!

However, that being said, I was just talking to the guy I probably should have married years ago, who is now married but wishing he was with me, c'est la vie, and though his name does NOT start with a J, for some unknown reason he sometimes goes by the name José.

And yes, I realise this is only interesting to me, but sometimes I am just fascinating like that. To me.

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