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latest competition winners

I realise people dont always see or notice the email, so thought id help out by posting some results the big one - the gym membership went this time! Competition Winners Coca-Cola Prize Pack barnes10 & nicallis Bottle of Herradura Tequila steve shell, GuyIncognitoNZ, Clyde(clyde.rowlands), Marscus(Marc), Grant(j.g.m) Next Generation Club Membership Sapphire Martin

That's a good idea. It should be posted on the forums too. I tend to miss the emails amongst all the other I get daily.

It does seem a bit unfair to only award prizes to people who read the newsletters. It means that you can be very active and awesome in the forums and still not be awarded the prize you win. Well done Jabes, good idea. I'm guessing they did it this way so that people who post once and disappear and never read the newsletters don't get rewarded for their one remark, but if it was posted in the forum and people still had to respond by email within a week it would make it fairer, IMHO.

Many thanks for this post!
I always try to keep a lookout for the Newsletters - as long as hubby doesn't get there before me and starts deleting (LOL)

yes I didnt realise this was the case so could have won something & didnt know as you have to contact them. I thought they contacted you like all ioher websites. but nevermind I spotted my name once a while ago so got a little prize. yay

Thank you
Its not that I miss it - for some reason I cant get to the bottom of, it never comes ( I check SPAM) so this is really appreciated!


Congrats people! I shall raise a glass of Chivas Regal in your honour!!! (any excuse...)


Congrats to all the winners- never received my Paul BluRay - gone AWOL - did the others get theirs ???


Should have mentioned- have been offered other stuff as replacement...but not the same.....

That's a shame. Good movie too.


i got the printer i won a while back with no issue!

yay! I wondered about that, but couldn't be bothered trying to find the thread were we talked about it... How is it?

havent actually used it yet dont really print all that much thinking to maybe give to my parents as then they can print photos of the grandkids and my dog of course (he is far better behaved that the sisters kids im sure) haha


And here's the latest Competition Winners Stoneleigh Latitude Wines Prize Pack Tim(rossntiminauck) Jockey Tattoo Tom(imaninja.honest) & Troy(trocartahi)


looks like new memebers ploy was a large fail

Game's not over yet...

True, and 'New Member' pops in all the time!! Watch out Jason!


Stoked to have won the wine. Cheers Fiona for posting the winners.


Surely sending the winner an email couldn't hurt? i guess they want you to read their newsletter :b


Bottle of Herradura Tequila will go down well when it arrives, thankyou "3 Cheers to GetFrank"

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