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Jack Reacher - Tom Cruise

I hired a DVD over the weekend, Jack Reacher.
I must admit I am not a fan of Tom Cruise but was pleasantly surprised by his performance and the movie.
This is to those that have not seen the movie and do not like Tom Cruise, please do rent the DVD, the movie is good entertainment and Tom Cruise played the character really well.


Why on earth would anyone pick Tom ( still only 20) Cruise, to star as Jack Reacher, that's like hiring John Wayne to play Mr Bean. The books are fantastic but Tom, I love me Cruise you gotta be kidding. I think I will stick to reading Jack Reacher, rather than dry reaching watching Tom Cruise.


Yeah I don't think any avid reader of the Jack Reacher series would ever have cast Tom Cruise. Was extremely disappointed. At a minimum hes a foot shorter, and at a minimum 10 foot less badass.


I hate Tom Cruise (I love his ex Mrs Katie Holmes though) but I enjoyed Jack Reacher.


he was just not right for this role at all ...sadly ...love the books!


Tom is highly overated in my


Didn't think this movie was that bad but it wasn't that great either..


If you are a fan of the books then you know the casting was all wrong. Tom is a good actor but he's not Jack Reacher!


Must say I am not a Tom Cruise fan either, but this was a really good movie. Real acting and for once Tom didnt act like he had small mans syndrom. The fight scenes were also very realistic, they didnt jump up unhurt after a volley of kicks to the head but were in fact injured and buggered!!


Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, what a joke! Jack Reacher is about 6ft 5in tall and 260lbs, TC is way under 6ft and tiny

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