Discussing :: If you could invite 8 people dead or alive to dinner (excluding family and friends) who would you choose?


They would have to be live people. It's too difficult to carry on a conversation with dead people. Although Jeremy Bentham get's carried out to a party in his honor every year. After a night's drinking, he has been said to be the better looking of the group. That given that his head has been replaced with wax, but the original, not very well embalmed, rotting, head is...


The Rock - coz hes just awesome
Mark Wahlberg - ditto
Jimmy Barnes - The stories this man would have!!
Sir Ed - mix it up and inspirational
Ned Kelly - fascinated by his history
Richie McCaw - OBVIOUSLY!!!
John Kirwan - Obvious choice also
Quade Cooper - Need someone to point all the jokes at


The seven dwarfs and the very gorgeous Snow White.


For dinner stories Muhammad Ali, Che Guevara. For humour Russell Brand, Ricky Gervais. Childhood nostalgia Christopher Reeve, entertainment in the back yard Evil knivel, a touch of class Princess Diana and Noah to find out how all the animals got along (hey other people have got Jesus)


Tupac Shakur
Christopher Wallace (Notorious BIG)
Bob Marley
Lisa Lopes (Lefteye)
Denzel Washington
Daniel Day Lewis
Halle Berry


My first thought, was members from a platoon that I served in. But do they classify as friends, workmates or something else. We didn't always get along, and we were just kind of thrown together, but we learned to depend on each other. Some are still alive, and some are dead. Would especially like to talk with Bill, who passed on. He was an atheist, so I would have to ask him if his views have changed any.

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