Discussing :: If you could invite 8 people dead or alive to dinner (excluding family and friends) who would you choose?


easiest answer snow white and the 7 dwarfs.
um on a more serious note id invite. Kurt cobain to learn the truth behind his death, Amelia earhart for the same reason,Abe lincoln,shakesphere,albert einstein, and my 2 nanas and grandad.
I couldnt justify picking others i only know through media rather than actual family members.


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Urrgh... I find dead people the worst dinner guests

well you don't have to feed them or serve them spirits (drinks that is), they make little or no mess and you can talk all night long and they will listen attentively


i won't invite any dead people since i it does not help me to find anything interesting, I want to know more about tomorrow and beyond so I probably pick up 8 japanese av ladies i like to check them out.


To many dead people not enough invites. I would invite my Father, my brother, Einstein, my Grandfather and four other truly great people. I just dont know who they are right now.


I would invite the 4 Chawners they would be made to sit at the table & eat a healthy meal for once.
Ellen de Generes one of the kindest people on this planet
Steve Hansen I love his dry sense of humour
Eric Clapton for some good music
And Michael Van de Elzen he's on cooking duty he can bring his truck if he likes.
That's my dinner guest list.


8 people from my old Event Management class - a reunion!


I'd invite a bunch of comedians, cause that would make an awesome fun dinner party


me me me me me me me me


Eva Cassidy, amazing voice. Fluffy for the comedy, Oprah for the conversation, Eienstein to learn new things, Bob Marley to keep it cool, Marilynn Monroe for the beauty, Picasso for inspiration, and Miley Cyrus for good measure.

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