Discussing :: If you could invite 8 people dead or alive to dinner (excluding family and friends) who would you choose?


If you could invite 8 people dead or alive to dinner (excluding family and friends) who would you choose?

I was asked this question last night by a friend of mine at a dinner party. I blurted out random names not really thinking about it, but have had it on my mind ever since and thought about it long and hard and these are the eight people I would invite in no particular order Dead Bruce Lee (For learning his fighting methods) Bob Marley (For learning about the music) Janis Joplin (For learning about the music and to tell her off for all that drug taking) Nostradamus (For future predictions and ask him about the one's he got wrong and slap him for the ones he got right) Alive Nelson Mandela (To tell him the All Black's have it in the bag this time and that Invictus sucked!) Mark Zuckerberg (For a Loan or shares in Face book) Deepak Chopra (For Inner Peace) Dave Chappelle (For a Good laugh) Who would your eight be? give reasons if you like


I'd be tempted to go for... Jesus - Buddha - Ghandi - Darwin - Newton - Galileo - Richard Feynman - and maybe Neil Armstrong. But best case scenerio: Myself age 14 (there's a few things I'd like to say) Myself in 20 years time so I can see what was awesome, and what I should avoid. My future partner - whomever that might be. Failing that then these guys might be fun: Al Gore (I'd like to shake his hand) George W. Bush (I'd like to punch him in the face) Johnny Depp George Clooney Bill Bryson Steven Spielberg Jodie Foster Princess Diana Robin Williams (he is fun) I was kidding about Bush. Scratch him off the list, I'd HATE to even breathe the same air as him.


This is rather thought provoking..... No particular order...... Jesus, Hitler, JFK, Albert Einstein, Cleopatra, Sigmund Freud, Oprah Winfrey and Elvis Presley (for a sing along at the end) But whats really got me is the seating plan? Or would it be a good ice breaker to play musical chairs to choose who sits down first? I wonder who would pull a swifty to win?

What would you ask Hitler? And why Cleopatra?

I would invite the pre-holocaust Hilter, ask him what the issue is with Jewish people and surround him with match makers, Jesus (would he change or convince?) and a little psychological profiling by Freud wouldn't go amiss either.

And Cleopatra was put forward as a great beauty, and her successive conquests of the world's most powerful men are taken as proof of her aesthetic and sexual appeal or the short version eye candy.


Hmm, thought provoking indeed... Richard Branson, Sammy Davies Jnr, Alan Alda, Donald Sutherland, Bjork, Lisa Ekdahl (she's cute and Swedish and I love her music), Salvadore Dali and my Dad. I know it said excluding family but tough, it's my dinner, I can invite whoever the hell I please.

Arg! I had the chance to meet Alan Alda but it ended up that I was in Israel (instead of the Almanson Theatre in LA where he was doing his show - I had a opening night party invite)!! Dangit!! I was a big MASH fan :)

I bumped in to him at a cafe in Soho in London. He was there doing some theatrical show, I forget now, but he invited me to have lunch with him. One of the nicest and truly engaging people I have met.

You funny buggar! I knew you wouldn't play with in the rules...good on ya


yeah id go My Grandad (died when we were living overseas so would be cool to have one more talk) so will break the rules Jesus ghandi cecil Rhodes stalin morgan freeman (just for the voiceovers) katy perry russel brand (both seem hilarious)

OOo yeah, Russell Brand would be fun!


i'm no good at entertaining or not a good cook, either so i'll invite people who can handle themselves with me just being the 9th person. So i'll invite a chef, a singer, a politician, an actress, a millionaire, a student, a priest and a doctor. I have no names but i think they'll have an enriching dinner in my house.


Hmmmmmm..... Julie Andrews cos she's freakin classy... John Lennon cos I want to ask him if he thinks dying young made him more famous for longer than if he was now an old fella God cos I have some ideas I'd like to run past him/her Julian clary cos he's sooooo funny Benny hill ....obviously.....who wouldn't??? Oprah cos well let's face it she's OPRAH Stephen king cos I like his work And someone from burger fuel cos they would be bringing dinner....


Hmmmm... I think I'd ask... Sean Connery (too class up my party with his accent) Pope John Paul II (to hear his thoughts on the current state of play in the world) Winston Churchill (for witty banter) Bill Gates (for his business insights and advice on money) Henry VIII (for his anecdotes about his wives) Marilyn Monroe (for eye candy) Jimi Hendrix (too keep things groovy) The Dalai Lama (to keep things in balance)


Richard Branston, Bill Clinton, Ellen de Generes, Bette Midler, John Hawkesby, Princess Diana, Elixabeth Taylor, Paul Holmes.


Jesus, Muhammad, Confucius, Michelangelo, Gaius Julius Caesar, Socrates, Joan of Arc, Anne Frank. What a mix-up!

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