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How do you sort your inbox?

I have folders for different things, including subscriptions, which helps keep myself semi-organised in this age of digital communication. It's a pain when personal e-mails are mixed up with all the subscriptions like the one day deal sites, airfare specials, and who knows what else!

I use a mac. Really important ones I drag to my desktop which reminds me to do something. Otherwise I use flags. One more point, someone once told me to touch each piece of paper once, I find this works with emails quite well. I get about 80-100 a day so I try to sit down first thing and action them all. Then I know they've been dealt with.


i use folders and when the job is done move the emails into an appropriate category. I also us e the flag option in outlook to remind me of things i need to do latter.


Yes - the flags are good! It saves having to mark something as 'unread' again just to remind you to read/do something.


I zero my inbox twice everyday, we've got our corporate account on a gmail platform to so it's just archive each email once I've dealt with it and if I need to look it back up again I can use the search function (even for phrases within the email!)


My email is pretty messy. i use my old Hotmail account to take the blow of all the spam then have a Gmail which i only give to people or for other important things. then i have Windows Live Mail to bring it all to one place, which i understand Gmail can do for me, but i haven't bothered sorting that out.

You can use folders in hotmail and 'sweep' all e-mails to these folders etc. Quite handy if you want to sort the spam!


definitely use folders and rules to get rid of all the crap


Folders galore! And labels. Oh Gmail, you make things so easy!


I don't. It's incontrollable!


Good to read of systems that help tame the beast though I haven't worked out how to sort my stuff out as yet. I live in hope that it doesn't take over my life though it has a large stranglehold already. I'll be watching this for any hints that might work for me.


At work I have several folders and filters redirecting emails I get. But in my personal email I let everything just filter in and sit where it landed. On days when I'm feeling particularly adventurous, I'll search my inbox for those notice emails that I get weekly from various sources and archive them like nobody's business. Because, let's face it, if I haven't looked at it in a month then I likely won't look at it ever again. Unless it's important. Those things get stars.


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