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its amazing how good and fresh you can feel by eating "real" foods. as soon as you get into the habit its easy! Its easier to eat clean healthy foods than it is anything else its all natural


Loving all the summer fruits starting to come out now - great for the kids to grab for afternoon tea. Between that and the peas and capsicum in the garden, the kids are making great snack choices.


Healthy eating, healthy living, healthy loving. What more can anyone ask for but like all good things it must be done in moderation and tempered with the dark side!!


I think everything in moderation is the best thing to do. It is important to have some nice foods occasionally.


they say it's 80% diet and 20% exercise that makes up our weight.

so eat sensibly and try to get out for walks daily.


nuts, lemon juice and water, are really good at reviving the bod after a night (or two) on the booze!


Being eating salads & lean meat for dinner - that helps and back into boxing traning 2-3 times a week, great way of staying in shape


Just stop and think before you put something in your mouth - think, is it healthy, am I really hungry?, will this benefit my end goals?......


A moment on the lips and a life time on the hips!


I've realised with older age (I'm 35...) that diets don't work, tried the dunken aitkens sort with no carbs and I end up getting sick after 3 days. Really it comes down to what goes in must balance what goes out. So if you are eating lots you have to exercise more. It's all a balance you can't trick your body to lose weight or be healthy you do actually have to do the hard yards..sucks aye! :)

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