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I think for many of us we have upsized our serving portions and therefore eating too much. I find this helpful to regulate healthy food intake. Using your hands as a guide to portion size can really help.

•Use the palm of your hand (excluding fingers) and the thickness of your hand to determine the portion of meat on your dinner plate.
•A clenched fist is the size of the carbohydrate on your dinner plate.
•Two cupped hands should be the amount of vegetables or salad on your dinner plate.
Everyone – from a small child to a burly bloke – can look at their hands and know how big their portion sizes should be.


Personally I think it is the amount we eat that is making as unhealthy. If we just cut down on our portion sizes then we could still enjoy some unhealthy things just not as much. Of course it is also important to eat healthy foods and exercise.


I have a cheat day on a Thursday or Friday, it doesn't hurt, besides that im pretty good, bananas, chucken, corn, plenty of veggies, keep hydrated, etc.


Six small portions a day to keep the metabolism ticking over


Six small portions a day is what I did as it was supposed to help my diabetes. BS I am sorry to report all it did was make me gain about 10kgs over 6 months!!! Got rid of it now but this type of eating just dosent suit some people. My wife would eat six times a day and she has a great figure but I can only eat three times a day to maintain my weight. We also eat very healthy foods, which is a must considering all the crap out there these days.


always cook veggies spuds meat


Even a lot of those 'supposed healthy takeaways' aren't as healthy as they seem. It's a bit of a fad at the moment but raw food is pretty interesting and doesn't take like crap. I was surprised thinking how was I going to feel full on the stuff, but it's really, really good. Adding a bit of raw food in with all the goodness is a good start. Quick juice or green smoothie in the morning and you're good to go.


I always recommend that my clients start slow, start one good habit once a week and then build up to a healthy lifestyle. You can't just dive in, you will fatigue yourself and fall into temptation. Better to acclimate your tastebuds to a diet with less salt, fat and sugar slowly and keep the habit longer. And you can eat healthy on the go you just need to plan ahead. "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail"


Really limiting the junk food not only helps the waist line, but helps a person keep mentally sharp too. It's all that junk IN the junk food that's worrying.


Drink lots of water and cut down on your sugar intake, or eliminate it if possible


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