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Preparing healthy food in bulk really helps for me, at least it gets one main meal out of the way (breakfast is at least easy to do healthy). Depends if you do some sort of exercise too though, you might need a bit more of something (protein perhaps?) and every once in a while break it up with a treat, healthy if possible.


Its hard to eat healthy in this country with the price of fruit, Ive planted a whole lot of fruit trees!


Well I had a lovely ham and salad vogel's sandwich for my lunch and dinner tonight...my daughter gave it to me as she didn't get to eat it from the bakery... I do eat some junk now and then too...:)


I believe that moderation is the key. You can still enjoy treat foods every now and then, but still eat a healthy and balanced diet. Healthy Eating is a big factor that influences our mood, our body shape, fitness and sometimes even our libido. It is very important that we look after our bodies and noursih it with the right foods, high in protein, less calories, vitamin rich and high in fibre.Studies have shown that what we eat can effect our modd stability. If someone eats a healthy diet they will be more relaxed and happy with their life, apposed to someone that eats unhealthy that gets depressed and lacks motivation.


Eat healthy and reduce your serving sizes - that will help alot, also dont eat late!


Yes all very good advise and now I just have to get motivated and do it...in saying that though I like watching the biggest loser and seeing how much they lose overall. Last week they did a 21 kilometre walk/run... I thought that doesnt look too hard and since I had the week off on Monday set off for a 21 km walk....all was good for about 19kms then I felt the knees, and ankles and not in a good way, made it home...just..... to be told by my neighbour who watched the program too that they did it in a relay...three teams doing three kms each....oh please, so now I will concentrate on the eating for a bit (helathy that is) and perhaps take it easier with the exercise !!


Watching that biggest loser is so tiring, I need a snooze and a large feed to get going again. Fish and chips is my fave but it's getting so expensive, almost catching up to KFC anther fave.


You are what you eat so it's important to think about balance


It's all in the planning, and eliminating temptations in the pantry.


Often the best way to eat healthy is to commit to making home meals at least five days a week. If you get takeaways for dinner, the chances are I'll be tempted to get something that's not wholesome. Everything in moderation!

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