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Healthy, Eating.

Well healthier eating is one of the key to your healthier life and body. People are much busy in their work that is why there haven't time for excellent meals . They eat meals despite the fact that it is not good for health. It is important is that they need to get exercise and good diet such as fruits and vegetables.


If you wanted to get healthy, start it by eating healthy diet and proper exercise. Fruits and vegetables are good allies of a healthy body and disregard those junk food and other food that contains a lot of preservatives and it will cost you a lot. Having a healthy body is not just a sign of being healthy, but being a productive individual as well.


Use moderation in everything. Choose healthier options when you can but don't beat yourself up if you have a bad day. Just try to make the next day better.


It really dosen't take a lot of time to cook a healthy meal. See how fast they can do it at the takeaways, grab a wok, you can do it to!


Trouble today is we have too many take out options, and people are lazy and cannot be bothered cooking, it really takes so little time to prepare a healthy salad, and grill some chicken, give me a healthy meal any day over take out,nice for a treat now and then and a night off cooking, or for a special occasion a meal at a nice restaurant, which often offer healthier options these days,but i love eating healthy, low fat meals, you feel fuller and better for it


You are what you eat. Too much processed food is consumed. I am very aware of chemical residue on vegetables and will not buy imported Australian Tomatoes!


I eat everything but try and reduce the amount!! Gotta have treats!!!


I agree, Marley. But I try to have more raw food than processed where possible


We are what we eat, eat as much variety and raw food as you can


Allow yourself one day off a week, not to over indulge but you have to have some pleasures

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