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Great TV shows we don't get in NZ (but do get online...)

So I pretty much never turn the TV on any more, so in all honestly I have no clue what is on these days, but I just discovered that there is a whole world of shows that I've never even heard of, that my (facebook) friends watch and love. Why is no one talking about this? I'm currently plowing through Black Books and Green Wing. Both British comedies. Lots of episodes on youtube. What else am I missing? What do you watch?


Dang it, I was hoping to find a few good new ones. Anyone?? Someone also just suggested Spaced, haven't watched any yet...


One show that is fantastic but has had a crap time slot is Justified. US Marshall bangs red neck heads together after being sent home to Tennessee after shooting a gangster. OK it sounds terrible when I put it like that but the acting and cast and stories all come together. It's got a great dry humor to it. And Timothy Oliphant is just so dang(sic) Cool.


....yes I think justified was unjustifiably given a crap time slot....I have noticed a lot of series that play in the wee hours are actually pretty good...am not to sure why some channels choose to even play re-runs of TV shows yet play good shows for the first time at really weird ours...thankfully we can turn to viewing online....


Why anyone would want to schedule their evening around a TV show these days I do not know. I could stand TV if I had Tivo, (or whatever it's called in NZ) but I don't. All I can think is that either advertisers prefer to have their ads during particular shows (hence the reruns), or that the majority of people who still watch TV actually like what's airing. Most of my friends don't really watch TV (except maybe sport). Who does? Besides older people. What do you watch online DeeDee?

....Oh just different things mainly self help or further education type things....


a show called justified . im not too sure if it is on NZ tv but i have the dvds on it and its awesome if you like modern westerny type shows.

O sorry Lilmonster I was referring to the Crime Drama not the Western.....this justified played on TV One, but it has been cancelled so no more now......


Yeah, I haven't had TV since shifting back in February. My daughter watches TV on demand stuff like Home & Away and Shortland St, I watch The Daily Show and Colbert...the US elections have been great entertainment!!!


...am a bit gutted about that Alcatraz series that started on TV1 last week the one with Sam Niell as one of the main characters.....watched the first episode and thought this could actually be a really good series and went to look on line to see how it was doing over in the US because as we all know our viewing of American programs in particular are based on viewers likes over there....well anyway to cut a long story short it was cancelled after 13 episodes so wrong.....a number of programs TVNZ have shown on TV1 and TV2 US based TV series have been cancelled....so why is it that TVNZ continue to play them....just makes us keep wanting more......


Good to see FOUR making the effort to play some new shows within a week of their US airing, I really wish the other channels would follow suit before they lose even more viewers and ad revenue to online alternatives.


I'm actually a bit excited that so many kids movies are screening on 2 before Xmas :)

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