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Favorite websites

I couldn't find a thread for this but I found this website and had to share. Passive Aggressive Notes Is it bad that I like this...?

yeah thats gold, i quite like this site


the bear one cracks me up every time too



That is good. I've seen the cat one before, but not the bear(/dog) one. Wish I had the patience to respond to pedantic idiots with that much humour.


yeah i love the ending "if you agree to waive the fine then i wont send you the other 87 photos of my dog dressed as a bear


Have you seen this? Abby Road Web Cam All day there are people taking pics of themselves 'being the beatles'


And someone just introduced me to this one... Animals being dicks


What a shame they converted them into animated gifs instead of leaving them videos.... www.manbabies.com is one of my favs at the moment.

Why? Why would you make me look at that?? My eyes! My eyes!!


Can NOT find where we were talking about the clip on bridge for the cyclists (grrrr) so I'm putting this here. I think this is kinda cool. I'm sure you'll see it as an aid to help you see cyclists so you can knock them into the bay. revolights

Bloody hell Fiona, your honorary manhood came with a rubber willy, NOT a set of Man-eyes (that would have been cruel)...


Oh, and great idea, they'd look really sparkly as they plunged into the water.

Thanks. I imagine they'd look even cooler than my phone did as I knocked it off my pants (back in the days when they clipped on) out of the boat and into the lake, it's green light dimming dolefully as it descended. I dove in after it but, alas, I couldn't free dive 30 ft in mountain lake water and spend any time searching in the sandy weedy bottom.

ps. rather glad I don't have man-eyes...


This one! :D


Ahahaha. love those sites. find them all the time on stumbleupon


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