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F*$& this Vashikaran guy

Have you ever fallen for a scam? Or had one you thought was a scam and had it come through?


I've never personally fallen for a scam but Facebook is breeding them & how people are so gullible totally perplexes me.
How do they sleep at night?
If you have been a victim so sorry as some scammers are so plausible.
Merry Christmas anyway dude have a cracker!

Or links on facebook to a clip that your friend has posted on their timeline. That's got me before but it wasn't very sinister. just spammed my contacts with the same clip


Nope. The closest was some weird mirror page that popped up while I was using yahoo mail that looked like the regular password page but stole my password and spammed all my contacts about something ridiculous and nonsensical. I don't get it either.

Very true thats a tricky one. I always watch the pages when I get diverted to another page. or strange email addresses claiming to be from a company (eg. fedex, a bank) are a dead giveaway


luckily I haven't yet but they have tried pulling scams on my mum the cheeky buggars and she has just about fallen for it until she has asked one of us about it


We got stopped in LA with a guy saying his car had broked down and his child was in the back etc etc. I gave him $20 rather than get shot or stabbed but probably shouldn't have. Felt stupid after it all but what can I say - I panicked!

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