Discussing :: Ever talked to a celbe and not known who they were?


Ever talked to a celbe and not known who they were?

This old lady has now experienced it, haha! http://www.theladbible.com/videos/jay-z-explaining-who-he-is-to-an-old-lady-on-the-subway


I was working at Foodtown in Wanganui on the checkout when four well dressed well spoken and clearly well traveled youngish men came through with a few food snack items. I got chatting to one in sunglasses and found out they were there for a funeral being held up at Jerusalem, we talked a little and after they left i was SWAMPED by people asking what they had said - "What who had said?" I asked bemused. What did BONO say?" they asked. Id been chatting to Bono from U2 LOL. They were there for the funeral of their Wanganui born roadie from up the river.


Never really had the chance - no celebs have crossed my path except maybe a few chefs here and there. But as a really really famous person, wouldn't the celeb feel really refreshed by not having someone know everything about you?? Obvs not some, such as the rapper dude who ranted at an old lady for not knowing who he was..


I was in the same room in hospital with Janine Sax, she is a top NZ elite Triathlete. I am ashamed to say I don't follow our fellow sports stars and she is lovely and we still email to see how one another are doing.


I was in hospital having my first baby so was Suzanne from the chicks .i crossed her path a few times in there wasn't till someone pointed out to me who she actually was.


When I worked in London I got chatting to a London cabbie. I asked if he had ever had anyone famous in his cab & he said yes Rod Stewart. However Rod Stewart refused to pay his fare quote "you should be very grateful I got into your cab without me having to give you money as well" What a prat!


never had a chance but i can see that hapening to me


Plenty of times, Steve Divine was most memorable, Inga the winger - very chilled out dude

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