Discussing :: Electric vehicles - would you?


Electric bike maybe, but the electric car needs to get more KMs before I would change from my hybrid to full electric


I'd definitely be interested in, and absolutely support, electric vehicles for town/city use. Less C02 while people stuck in traffic, less smog, and close to power when needed!! Not sure about long distance travel though......


Given the number of (mainly storm-related) power cuts we've had this year, having an electric vehicle would mean being stranded for long periods of time.


I am more than happy with my old Subaru to transport my dogs and I... and run on petrol. I just wish the price would go down...:(


I think whats stops me is the fact that I don't know how reliable they are for long distance as I don't think they last as long as cars that run on fuel.


Maybe if the performance was ok


Electric cars sound cool. Do they stop driver inattention, dodgy driving manoeuvres, accidents and deaths?


Yes i would buy one if it was affordable


if they were proven to be better for the earth and cost effective then yes. Some vehicles leave more of a carbon footprint just by having to produce them than petrol vehicles. also at the end of the day, the car has to have appeal and be affordable for the masses to get behind it


Have a hybrid car at the moment - loving that we only need to fill up 2x a month and not every week!


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