Discussing :: Electric vehicles - would you?


I would love to get one of these vehicles. But it's hard to see this becoming a trend in NZ - we're all too 'spread out' in the country, plus people don't like change.


yes. we have to eventually get off our oil addiction. no good for the environment. the sooner the better. we need more clean green technology.


Nothing wrong with them if they are made right, I would buy one if they appealed to me.


I would love an electric vehicle but with the price of electricity in New Zealand it may not be economical.


Good if they give the consumer more lee-way. I mean being able to replace parts that degrade yourself with relatively cheap and not hard to find components. Too much specialisation stings you later when you want a car to not only run cheap but last for a long time too.

The car itself won't necessarily be 'cheap' like plastic, but the components that are replaceable should be standardised to promote innovative competition between electric vehicle manufacturers. My 2 cents.


Excellent idea, but they cost so much !!! and the batteries cost just about as much as the car!


We have a Prius and it is great. Don't think I'd want a car that I had to plug in though!


Electric/Hybrid cars hide afew facts that the manufacturers dont want you to know. For instance, the whole of life effect that the Toyota Prius has on the environment is actually worse than a standard 2L petrol powered sedan!! It always makes me laugh when you see greenies driving round in their Prius thinking they are saving the environment when in fact they are doing it more harm than they would if they were drivng a standard car. I for one believe that electric cars for inner city is the way to go including buses. If you need to travel the length of the country electrics are not an option, hybrids are just plain boring so give me 6L, 12 cylinders and twin turbochargers anyday. And no, I'm not sorry about my carbon footprint, I pay enough in tax to offset that!!


Yes I would. Sounds best value for money and environment,


I would Love one of those electric bikes. Anyone want to buy me one ?


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