Discussing :: Electric vehicles - would you?


yea go all out electric then build new dams and wind farms to keep upwith the demand lol. Yea have thought of converting my van to electric .


i am all for saving the environment and Electric Cars are not new. The problem are the batteries, just look how long your lap-tops and cellphones and even kids toys wear-out batteries. So until "they" solve this battery issue i'd rather go with a car that runs on hydrogen or uses far less petrol like a Hybrid does. In time a new greener technology will come along, i'm confident the next generation will do that.


If I could afford an electric vehicle I would have one.


electric vehicles the future, they could have been manufactured years ago - bloody oil companies , want people dependant on gas.

I can't wait also for the self driving cars. google reckon that they will bring out a similar model to the ones they currently use for the mass market in about 5 years. about bloody time I say.


New hybrid Ferrari looks the goer :)

But in all seriousness if they get to the point where i can drive one from auckland to wellington without having to make a 12hour stop in between and the price is not too horrendous, I would buy one.


I would but I hace a cuzzie bro who owns one and he said there are 2 problem owning a electric car
1/ he's nearly run over 6 people as they don't hear the car
2/ he will never win a street race LOL!


Electric a must, the hefty petrol prices and it ain't going to stop. we should get a choice and have these vehicles readily available for those that want to purchase


I really wish there were more options available to kiwis though . The moment any green vehicle is launched it cost almost 3 times the price here


The electric buzz gets killed by the price tag....I see Detroit will release (in the next few days) the fastest production car albeit only 999 of them at a tiny $135k usd.

Here are the specs of the SP.01 uses purely an electric motor which pumps out 150 kW and 225 Nm of torque with an efficiency rating of 91 percent. Top speed is 249 km/h and it does 0 to 100 km/h in a respectable 3.7 seconds with a range of 288 km.


Absolutely! There are some beautiful machines out there and even Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear had to admit some of them are great. I guess range is still an issue for most of them but as a second car for putting around town - definitely!


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