Discussing :: Electric vehicles - would you?


Electric vehicles - would you?

There's some great emerging technologies hitting the market. What have you seen? What would make you change?

If the cars were affordable, ie; really cheap - I would buy one and encourage everyone to buy one.


Here's a pretty cool bike....good top speed and fast acceleration, not a bad range too!


My eco conscious partner would adore me if I went down this track, hmm...worth thinking about!


I have always been interested in the hybrid vehicles just for starters and progress from there, I think in the future electric would be the way I think its probably the mind set that would have to change if mass consumers where to adopt electric vehicles I still think it is a positive to sway towards electric vehicles especially considering the price of petrol these days


I would love to reduce my carbon footprint with one of these hybrids, it would certainly look better than my $500 dunger!


I reckon, it's a good idea, Although I think it will cost much more then what vehicles are costing now.


I really like this idea of passive charging with no plugs to worry about....good on you AUT. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/user/researchworkswonders?v=xWkczywjmAo[/youtube]


I can see them becoming more and more popular, especially in the cities. Then watch the Government move to impose huge taxes on these vehicles because they can't get them through petrol taxes. I'm picking monstrous vehicle registration costs. Until then they make a lot of sense.


I do like the fact that you only need to fill up 2x a month (depending on how far you drive each week),its cut our petrol costs in half!


Electric..... Don`t think so. Well, not unless they come out with a few awesome versions like the FreemanX cars!! (hint hint)


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