Discussing :: Dog or cats?


Cats are better athletes


.... and pole dancers.


Take note dog lovers


Both but it is true that cats do their own thing and will only interact on their terms whereas the dog is always happy to see me and always keen to to anything i want.


I'm definitely a cat person. At least they look after themselves and are less work. When we had dogs we seemed to be cleaning up after them all the time and it is harder to go away for a couple of days.


Dogs every time - they're so non-judgemental.


I would have said dogs...but we have an 11 month old pup who has come to live with us and let's just say his training needs some tweaking...he would rather leap all over other dogs and yap which wouldn't be so bad if he weren't a great big huge laboratory with a heap more growing to do. So I decided to use a big lead...wrong move. When he spotted the husky dogs heading across the park he bolted...I fell and let's say after being towed around the park until I could free my hand from the lead... I'm thinking maybe the cat is more my style..At least the neighbours all know me now, having provided them with entertainment , they often ask when I'm walking the dog again....when I recover...if I recover

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