Discussing :: Dog or cats?


Cats for sure, we have to female cats named Itchy and Scratchy 2 female sisters we have had them going on 7 yrs now. One is long haired the other short haired. Even though they are sisters they are polar opposites one very out going the other very quiet and keeps to herself. They have been true members of our family and we love every second they are with us.


I like dogs; even a nice pussy but I don't have either though I don't have to pay for their upkeep


Cats are just purrfect - gentle, loving, non judgemental and they have amazing purrs.


Dogs are awesome but if I have to choose one I'd go with Cats!


cats for sure - they look after themselves, keep the pests down and crap in other peoples gardens. I used to like dogs but after living next to dogs who bark all the time, definitely cats for me now.


I am a self confessed crazy cat person and love cats. Dogs I can take or leave and they are lovely but cats are awesome :) Dogs have owners and cats have staff!


Our last dog, we had for 18 years. Stopped in the Pet Store the other day, and looked at some puppies. Got to keep in mind just how much of a responsibility they are. Can't be selfish about it either. Got to keep in mind the best needs of the animal, and if you have enough time. For now, we have a rabbit. Better than a cat. Not quite as good as a dog. Very easy to take care of.


Both, i wouldn't be without either but dogs are much more of a companion and you can do more with them. Cats, it always on their terms whereas a dog is happy just to hang out with you. Mine loves to go to the beach.


I love all animals,but adore felines ,they are so beautiful to look at ,have very endearing qualities ,I love how independent they are and how aloof they can be ,they may not be as loyal as a dog,but they certainly rule my household ,they are cute,and cuddly and totally adorable ,very clean animals and they don't need to be taken for a walk .


Dog or cats? It’s the debate that has long divided animal lovers. Now scientists have confirmed that cats really are better than dogs – at least from an evolutionary perspective. A groundbreaking study of 2,000 ancient fossils reveals that felids – the cat family – have historically been much better at surviving than the “canid” dog clan, and often at the latter’s expense. The research finds that cats have played a significant role in making 40 dog species extinct, outcompeting them for scarce food supplies because they are generally more effective hunters. But researchers found no evidence that dogs have wiped out a single cat species.


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