Discussing :: Dog or cats?


I love the new T.V. show with Purina Pups and Mark Vette. Cats will always be my fav - they are purrfect.


I grew up on a farm with dogs and cats so I go either way. We have 2 old cats and they need a lot of care but they used to be self sufficient when they were younger which made life easier.


Cats. is a dog the king of the jungle?


Prefer dogs. they make the perfect house guards!


Dogs I love them as they are loyal and a good security guard and very good company when you are home alone.


Cats are just purrfect - they are warm and friendly and have amazing purrs. Dogs are loyal but need cleaning and walking - too much like having toddlers.


Either way there's something to be said about who is the owner in the relationship with one's pet!


Check my avatar and I will give you one guess as to which way I lean. Dogs smell, cant feed themselves, cant wash themselves, cant be left at home when you go on holiday, are demanding of your time & attention, have to be excercised the list goes on and on. Why would you own a dog?? Similar level of intelligence perhaps!!


I love both but if I had to choose then it would have to be dogs...so loyal and always so happy to see you.


I have both, two cats and a dog. Although i will always have a cat in the house probably two i really love my dog. Dogs are more interactive whereas cats its always on their terms but the dog just wants to please plus walking the dog daily is great exercise and the dog enjoys sniffing everything as well. There are some many homeless dogs out there we should all own one provided you will love it.


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