Discussing :: Dog or cats?


Adore cats,but love all animals,cats are less expensive and a bit easier to care for,I love how aloof and disobedient they can be and their free spirits ,their cute little ways,have two and they are great companions .


Im a dog person at heart, but dont mind the feline breed. I was raised with dogs as a young pup myself, to the point, our boxer would not let anyone near me if I was crawling around at her feet, as if I was one of her own, only mum and dad were allowed!! My partner has a cat, and being a tabby birman, its quite a stay inside and socialise cat, so she has kinda grown on me. Its not that I never liked cats, its more they were too independent for my liking, and would always make me work for the attention, to which, my attention would then fade away, where as a dog would always love ANY attention!!


To be honest....love all animals!!!


Both - why discriminate? Dogs are loyal and always up for a play, cats are laid-back but are hilarious 'cause of their curiousity


Best to pick a pet that fits your personality and lifestyle. A dog is a bigger commitment. In the lifetime of a dog, it will make you laugh, it will make you cry. It will teach you a lot about yourself, and about joy.


Cats - love the way they treat you mean and keep you keen!!


I love them both but i wouldnt give up my fluffly moggy for anything!!


Cats - much more tide but much less work.


love them both but I am definitely a cat person. I love them - so independent but so cuddly


Cats cats cats love them


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