Discussing :: Dog or cats?


Definitely cat.Much easier to look after and great for keeping my lap warm


Love both but if I had to choose....then it would be cats!


Im more of a dog person than a cat, in saying that it still has to be a certain dog though, cant stand yappy little hundred miles and hour dogs. I like labs, bull dogs, rottys, big ugly dogs. Great for security, could be the biggest softie ever but the burgler doesnt know that from thier deep loud bark lol!


Neither really.....but if I had to choose, definitely a dog. But a real dog...not one of those ankle-biter 'could be a rat, could be a dog' type of dogs.....!


We have 2 dogs so I guess we are more dog people....But I do get annoyed walking around the local park and seeing dog poo that people are to lazy to pick up...Why can't people with dogs be more responsible and pick it up...I always clean up after my dogs.


I grew up always wanting a dog, but have ended up with two cats instead. I go for walks at the local off leash park and enjoy them there, knowing that i don't have pick up crap, put up with the doggy smell, or have to find the time to walk them daily. My cats are pretty much self sufficient, as long as i put food out they take care of the rest of their needs. I can only wish kids could do the same......


Neither....but I always seem to end up with other peoples rejects or strays.


Cats are so much easier to look after, but always slightly aloof. A dog will be your friend for life. So, dogs win it for me.


I am definitely a cat person. They are low maintainance and so cute and furry. The most cats I've had at one time was four, which was a bit of a handful lol. If you stick to one or two cats you'll be fine.


Cats rule. They clean thenselves anf have that wonderful contented purr. Bliss


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