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So, who of you does crosswords? Any good online ones you recommend? So far I know of the stuff.co.nz crossword in their life & style section. It's good because it actually tells you when you get a word right (word turns green) and has stats on how many letters you get right or wrong, your rank (if you finish the crossword with 5 or less hints) and there's a new crossword every day. I favour their "Web Words Crossword" http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/crosswords-sudoku/


Wow, digital crosswords for the new age... almost sounds interesting. I'll check it out. I'm still a fan of the cryptic newspaper ones though, between bouts of COD4 MW2...


the herald has one too that can be a bit trickier than the stuff one, little bit more vocabulary foccussed than the stuff one. there is a cryptic one on stuff too that one of my staff and i do every week at work online!


I don't mind doing crosswords if they are not too hard and there is a prize for doing it...:)


I'm rubbish at crosswords but my dad is obsessed with them. he comes around with the paper and harrases us until we help him solve them - even though we got him a crossword dictionary for xmas last year. He doesn't have a pc so makes us look up possible answers for him!


I dont think you wud catch me doing crosswords as im no good at them!!


i certainly cannot say i am very good at them, so don't do them very often, but my hubby does and i often help him, two heads better than one theory, they are good for your brain i reckon and it is quite rewarding when you manage to actually finish one in full.


Crosswords are the most enjoyable when there is a nice quiet and relaxing day ahead. Somehow the words just seem to come naturally.Just sayin'


love them - keep the mind active and great fun to do with others


Used to .then they invented the internet!

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