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Cold Weather

What is everyone doing to keep warm over this cold snap? We've had the fire going, thought we were being good saving power but the blinkn power bill arrived today and was $250


We are wrapping up in blankets watching tv. No fire and the power bills are always over $250. And we live in the so called winterless north! Colder than a witch's tit up here!


Minus 2 this morning! You know you are alive! Light the fire first thing in the morning and keep t going all day and my bloody power bills are never under $700 in the winter time, how do you lucky buggers get away with $250!?!


Cold weather I can take, rain and sleet I can take, but these morning frosts, have me, my wife and our cats heading for the heaters. Every morning for the past week and a bit we just do not want to get out of bed,and when we do we are dressed to with extra pants, extra shirts and extra socks, bring on summer so we can all wake up without that freezing feeling.


I hate the cold but at least it makes us appreciate summer more.


sounds like in around 15 years time we will be commenting how much warmer our winters were before this predicted mini ice age happens.


bring on the warm winters i say,me dog and cats water bowl keep getting a layer of ice on


drinking lots and staying inside. we got a new gas fire but the first bill was huge so will be using it sparingly from now on.


The only heating I have is the electric blanket on the bed and the cat who sits on my lap in the lounge.


fire when i can and lots of soup if not hop in bed with electric blanket


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