Discussing :: Christmas Feast - Whats on your menu?


Christmas Feast - Whats on your menu?

We stick with what we do best. Everyone in the family has their specialty dishes. My Raw fish in coconut cream and creamed Paua Mums Pineapple pie and stuffing Dads Rolled Pork on the spit baised with Jim Beam, garlic and apple cider mix. My Wifes triffle and roasted veges Amongst other things but thos are my favorite

WE just love slow cooked pork in the green egg, chicken stuffed rather than turkey, ham on the bone, roast veg, fresh beans and home made Christmas pudding with custard. Which reminds me the pudding needs making today so it can hang. Can't wait.

Christmas Feast and after dinner drinks has to be Jimmy Beam


traditional ham, roast lamb,baby potatoes, peas and salads ,garlic bread followed by xmas pudding, ice cream cake and pavlova


We do the traditional turkey roast with all the roast vegetables. Because we never have turkey at any other time it is very special. But make sure you buy a free range turkey can't be supporting people who treat their animals badly. I know its more expensive but well worth it. The mor epeople that buy free range the more the cost wil come down. Anyway, enought about that we also do the traditional trifle that my mother used to make.


Here we have roast pork with all the trimmings. Dessert is typically pavlova, trifle, cheesecake and fruit salad. For later on there are cold meats like like pork, chicken and ham as well as salads... and more dessert of course.


My family always has a glazed ham and of course a pavlova for dessert


Turkey, pickled pork!! Roast veges! Salads, bacon rolls and Yorkshire puddings!!! That's for lunch and then desert at dinner time!


Having a change, going all out seafood BBQ this year, Blue Cod, prawns, mussels etc and a few salads. We will have a reserve ham for the traditionalists.


Fresh beans, roast veg, stuffed chicken, sloe cooked pork on the green egg and homemade Christmas pud with custard.


we usually keep it traditional in our home, but we are going to my partners for xmas so it will probably be a hangi and all the trimmings as his mum is a quality baker and his two sisters are chefs, so I will just help out and let their creative juices go at it and to make it even better my partners sister is bringing along her new partner and he is a sommelier so guess who will be mixing the drinks lol, we will be having a champagne brekkie at my partners sisters home, them around to his others sisters for brunch and then a late supper with drinkies at his parents, should be great will just have to remember portion control because they are all wonderful cooks


Pretty traditional for my family - lamb, ham and chicken (ditched the turkey as few years back for chicken), roast kumara, potatoes and pumpkin, peas, carrots, beans, potato salad, coldslaw, beetroot, boiled eggs, green salad, seafood salad and for dessert, fruit salad, trifle, jelly, ice-cream, ambrosia. Yummy, only 11 sleeps to go (-:


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