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Doesn't matter who I'm buying for I always try to give experiences. Tickets to a concert, show, movie or sporting event. Tickets on a ferry to a local island for a day trip. Everyone loves experiences and best of all I can share time with them.


Christmas just got a lot harder for me, I have just been reunited with my family I have not seen or heard from in over 30yrs.I am now 61, and although it is great to hear from them ( they all live in Australia)and we have been doing a lot of catching up by Email and swapping photos. There is no way my wife or I can afford to travel to Australia and I cannot expect them and their families to fly over here. At my age and disabilities (Emphysema,,heart trouble Diabetes and Arthritis) I doubt we will ever actually meet again, I can't fly due to my illness, I should stop complaining and be grateful that we got to meet each other after all these years. And now Christmas presents just became a lot more expensive.


Supermarket vouchers? Something that they can use easily?


suggest getting them a weekend away at a B&B


I get mine hobby gifts.


I think this discussion on Christmas presents needs to be reignited as I have been buying a range of gifts on-line and from New Zealand companies which is great as the money (or some of it, at least) is staying within the country and hopefully providing some employment. Furthermore, the internet has also allowed me to quickly and easily make a donation to the Auckland City Mission - in many respects probably the best present I will have given in 2014. All the best to those volunteers who give-up their precious time to help others during this period!


I reckon the gift of your time is the best thing over material possessions. Otherwise helping out with something they need or want.


Gist vouchersand wait for Boxing day sales, unless they are kiddies xx

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