Discussing :: Buying Christmas presents.....


Buying Christmas presents.....

What do you buy parents that have everything and need nothing for Christmas. I struggle every year what to buy them when I ask them what they want they say don't waste your money on us, tough or what but I really don't want to turn up with nothing on Christmas day anybody got any good suggestions? MAYBE A SHOT IN THE DARK BUT WORTH A TRY.


I dont know how old you are FlashGG, but the best thing you can give your parents is time. Thats all they want, to eaperience time with you and know how you are doing and how your life is working out. they are moving nearer to the end but you are possibly moving into your prime. Or if your too busy drop $20k on some first class air travel on Emirates A380 super jumbo ex Auckland, it is outstanding.


My parents just want to spend the day with their family. We often buy them garden gifts as they love gardening.


Cant go wrong with gift vouchers. I know its a little impersonal, but at least no one will be disappointed!


I've usually got the gifts sorted by this time every year, but I still haven't started shopping this year! I'm in the same situation as you Flashgg - I have no idea what to get my parents. Usually a bottle of booze and some chocolates or something like that. No more room around here for ornaments and stuff... lol.


I have the same problem with my in laws, they seem to have everything too. I know what they always love though is to be shouted to a restaurant. They consider it a luxury & very rarely do it I have given them restaurant vouchers that can be used at their leisure, & they are always so appreciative.


Wait until Xmas Eve and then just do a mad rush.


i just usually give my parents lotto and some scratches


FlashGG I agree with Life Member. Time is the most precious thing + listening to them with the time you share with them.


Sometimes it is really difficult to think of things to give but most of all families love being together, laughing, joking etc thats one of the most precious gifts, material items are not always necessary.


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